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Thug Breaks into 'Helpless' Woman's Home, Learns the Hard Way She's a 2A Patriot

Homeowner knows her Second Amendment rights and exercises them

 on 15th September 2021 @ 7.00pm
by the time the crook realized his mistake  it was already too late © press
By the time the crook realized his mistake, it was already too late

When a thug decided to break into the home of a "helpless" woman in the middle of the night, he instantly realized his mistake when he came face-to-face with the homeowner.

The crook learned the hard way that he had picked on the wrong house when the Washington state homeowner turned out to be a Second Amendment patriot.

As the woman took aim at the suspect and started to exercise her God-given constitutional rights as an American, the punk was taught a painful lesson, immediately realizing he wasn't going to make out of there in one piece.

According to the police report, Grant County sheriff's deputies had first spotted the suspect driving a stolen vehicle in the area of Wheeler Road and O Road in Moses Lake — about 100 miles southwest of Spokane.

However, when the driver failed to stop, the deputies ended their pursuit, KEPR-TV reported.

Moses Lake police officers later spotted the stolen vehicle abandoned in the 1400 block of Cougar Drive.

the woman exercised her second amendment rights and ended the situation © press
The woman exercised her Second Amendment rights and ended the situation

The station said that a 911 caller reported a break-in at her residence while police were attempting to establish a perimeter around the stolen vehicle.

The break-in had quickly escalated, however.

According to an report, the suspect actually confronted the female homeowner inside her own home around midnight Sunday.

Thankfully, the woman was well-prepared for such an incident and was ready and willing to exercise her rights to defend herself and her property.

And since she had a gun at the ready, the woman shot the intruder in self-defense, KEPR said.

Police told the station they found the wounded suspect exiting the home, and medics transported the suspect by ambulance to Samaritan Healthcare to treat non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect's name has not been released, reported.

But KPQ-AM said charges are pending.

the thug thought he was targetting a  helpless  woman   she made sure he left in an ambulance © press
The thug thought he was targetting a 'helpless' woman - she made sure he left in an ambulance

Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr told KPQ that deputies terminated the vehicle chase due to Washington state's new policing laws.

Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones penned a July letter to citizens about the new laws — and he said one of them "virtually eliminates all police vehicle pursuits.

"Moving forward, deputies must have 'probable cause' to believe a person in the fleeing vehicle has committed a specific violent crime.

"This is a very high standard and nearly impossible to meet."

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