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Leftist College Students: History Lessons Should Blame 'America's Faults' for 9/11

Terror attacks' 'roots in Islam' should be covered up, students argue - WATCH

 on 12th September 2021 @ 1.00pm
college students argue that history classes to blame america for 9 11  not islam © press
College students argue that history classes to blame America for 9/11, not Islam

An alarming number of students argue that history classes should teach that "America's faults" were to blame for the 9/11 terror attacks, and not the terrorists' extremist "roots in Islam."

Campus Reform interviewed students at the University of Florida about how the world-changing terror attacks should be taught in the classroom.

Many of the students, however, pitched leftist talking points and insisted that historical facts about the worst terrorist attack in history should be scrubbed and replaced with false, "woke" claims.

They told the outlet that the story of 9/11 should be told in a way that criticizes America and ignores who carried out the carnage.

Accoridng to one student, some of the more "gruesome" facts about the attacks should be kept out of lesson plans.

Another said that, since the 9/11 attackers were part of an "extremist group" of Muslims, teachers should "avoid talking about its roots in Islam."

the students argued that the terrorists   roots in islam  should be covered up and replaced with lies about america © press
The students argued that the terrorists' 'roots in Islam' should be covered up and replaced with lies about America

One guy proposed that 9/11 should be "taught in a way that doesn't really target, like, more like, who did it, but, like, more like, how we can, like, move forward and, like, different, like, healing processes that we can go through to, like, to make everything, like, you know, good again." 

Didn't AOC argue that same point once?

Another student agreed, saying teachers should "avoid placing blame," since such an action might lead to "Islamophobia."

The student then warned that "placing blame" could lead to discussions about "American exceptionalism."


As it turns out, American exceptionalism was a big trigger point for the students when it comes to 9/11 education.

"We don't need more nationalism in this country ... we need more, like, healthcare," one student noted.

"I think they should focus on America's faults, not like how amazing we are and how we need to be superior, 'cause we're not."

One student added that "I definitely don't agree that America is the best country on the earth; I think that we still need a lot of, like, fixing."

many of the students appeared to repeat leftist talking points about 9 11 © press
Many of the students appeared to repeat leftist talking points about 9/11

Another student declared flat-out that "I don't think we should be talking about the greatness of the country" while another pointed out the "colonist and imperialist notions" behind such an idea.

Yet another student said American exceptionalism is "a dangerous mindset to teach young people ... because I think that's the reason why a lot of people grow up to be kind of extremists and, like, really nationalistic."

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