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Biden's Drone Strike Killed 7 Children & Afghan Who Worked for US Aid Group

Explosive report shows no terror links found in victims of Biden's August airstrike

 on 11th September 2021 @ 4.00pm
7 children and an afghan ally were killed in biden s strike  none of them had terror links © press
7 children and an Afghan ally were killed in Biden's strike, none of them had terror links

Democrat Joe Biden's airstrike in Afghanistan last month, which was meant to neutralize an ISIS threat, actually killed seven children and an Afghan aid worker who was working with a U.S. charity, according to an explosive new investigative report from The New York Times.

The bombshell report was released on Friday and revealed that the man targeted by the U.S. Military in the drone strike was Afghan ally, Zemari Ahmadi.

Ahmadi worked for a U.S. organization and had applied for refugee resettlement in the U.S. before he was killed when his car was hit with an American missile.

It has been revealed that Ahmadi had no links to terrorism, nor did any of the other victims in the blast which also killed seven children.

The Times report came after an exhaustive review of relevant video footage from that day as well as interviews with numerous individuals on the ground in Afghanistan.

It has raised serious doubts about the claims made by Biden admin’s motivation for targetting Ahmadi's car, “including whether explosives were present in the vehicle, whether the driver had a connection to ISIS, and whether there was a second explosion after the missile struck the car.”

the man targeted in the strike was aid worker zemari ahmadi   he was carrying water to his family © press
The man targeted in the strike was aid worker Zemari Ahmadi - he was carrying water to his family

Biden admin officials said the strike killed an ISIS terrorist carrying a bomb in a car toward U.S. troops.

When announcing the drone strike late last month, American military officials claimed it was in response to an imminent threat by suspected suicide bombers.

According to the NYT report, however, the man had no ties to ISIS and was simply carrying water to family members. 

The Times says that after reviewing video evidence and interviewing more than a dozen of the driver’s friends and family members in Kabul, it has doubts about the U.S. version of events. 

"Times reporting has identified the driver as Zemari Ahmadi, a longtime worker for a U.S. aid group," the report states.

"The evidence suggests that his travels that day actually involved transporting colleagues to and from work.

"And an analysis of video feeds showed that what the military may have seen was Mr. Ahmadi and a colleague loading canisters of water into his trunk to bring home to his family."

The U.S. previously admitted that there were three civilian casualties in the strike, but the Times report says the actual number is 10.

Seven of those individuals were children, including young family members of Ahmadi who relatives say had run to the car to greet him when he got home moments before the strike. 

7 children were among the 10 people killed in the blast   none of them had terror links © press
7 children were among the 10 people killed in the blast - none of them had terror links

Two well-placed U.S. military sources reportedly told Fox News that the U.S. Central Command remains confident that the strike was based on accurate intelligence that showed the person in the car had bad intent, and that an investigation is underway into how many civilians were killed. 

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said a secondary explosion confirms that the Ahmadi’s car was filled with explosives.

The Times report also disputes that claim.

"But an examination of the scene of the strike, conducted by the Times visual investigations team and a Times reporter the morning afterward, and followed up with a second visit four days later, found no evidence of a second, more powerful explosion," the report states.

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