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American Flags Honoring 9/11 Victims Destroyed by Vandals

Memorial at the Public Garden in Boston attacked by thugs

 on 11th September 2021 @ 6.00pm
the flags in the public garden in boston were destroyed by vandals © press
The flags in the Public Garden in Boston were destroyed by vandals

Vandals have destroyed a memorial of American flags in Boston that was set up to honor 9/11 victims on the 20th anniversary of the worst terror attack in history.

The American flags were placed at the Public Garden in Boston to mark the 20-year anniversary.

However, they were apparently damaged not long after the display was set up.

“On Wednesday, 2,997 American flags were planted,” CBS Boston reported.

"Each represents someone who died in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks."

Many of the flags had been uprooted and strewn across the sidewalk and were found bent and snapped in two.

the flags were found scattered across the sidewalk  with many destroyed © press
The flags were found scattered across the sidewalk, with many destroyed

Trash cans nearby were also toppled and signs noting the memorial’s significance were missing, according to Breitbart.

Police told the outlet detectives were investigating the case as vandalism.

Reporter Nick Giovanni shared video footage Thursday of the scene at the park:

In a subsequent post, he shared a photo of a woman kneeling among the flags, writing, “Ashton Fagan felt compelled to stop while on a walk through the Public Garden to help pick up some of the American flags uprooted overnight”:

Approximately 30 people with Project 351 placed the flags on Wednesday and encouraged citizens to perform acts of kindness and service to honor those lost on September 11.

Carolyn Casey, who is the executive director and founder of the project, described the apparent vandalism as “heartbreaking and disappointing.”

each flag was placed to honor someone who died during 9 11 © press
Each flag was placed to honor someone who died during 9/11

“I just don’t understand, honestly, what would motivate somebody to do something like this,” she said.

Boston 25 News posted a video on Facebook Wednesday of volunteers creating the display:

Casey added that watching people be enthusiastic about restoring the display was inspiring.

“It says that the best of our humanity is what gets us through every challenge or any challenge,” she commented.

“But as we know in Boston and Massachusetts, any time there is a challenge or there are acts of hatred, people respond with love, with unity, and community.”

“That’s what happened when I walked in this morning.

"There were all these people who had just stopped, or saw it on the news and came down to make sure all the flags were still up,” she concluded.

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