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Leftists Embrace Satanic Temple to Help Fight Texas Anti-Abortion Law

It 'may be the last, best hope to save abortion rights in Texas'

 on 7th September 2021 @ 4.00pm
the satanic temple saw support from mulitple left wing outlets © press
The Satanic Temple saw support from mulitple left-wing outlets

Following the announcement by The Satanic Temple on its opposition to the recent Texas anti-abortion law, leftists are now embracing the dark cult as an ally to help fight the pro-life legislation.

Brett Bachman at argues that Satanists “may be the last, best hope to save abortion rights in Texas”:

As pro-choice and reproductive health groups are scrambling to make sense of Texas’ new, near-total abortion ban that went into effect this week, it appears their efforts to skirt the law are getting an unexpected boost from one organization in particular: The Satanic Temple.

Bachman referred to The Satanic Temple's recent letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) arguing members should be permitted to buy abortion pills in Texas under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to be used in their "Abortion Rituals”:

"I am sure Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — who famously spends a good deal of his time composing press releases about Religious Liberty issues in other states — will be proud to see that Texas’s robust Religious Liberty laws, which he so vociferously champions, will prevent future Abortion Rituals from being interrupted by superfluous government restrictions meant only to shame and harass those seeking an abortion." 

 satanic temple floats devilishly clever strategy to dodge texas abortion law   stated a headline from huffpost © press
'Satanic Temple Floats Devilishly Clever Strategy To Dodge Texas Abortion Law,' stated a headline from HuffPost

The battle for abortion rights is largely a battle of competing for religious viewpoints, and our viewpoint that the nonviable fetus is part of the impregnated host is fortunately protected under Religious Liberty laws.

The Sanatic Temple also saw other support from other left-wing outlets.

“Satanic Temple Floats Devilishly Clever Strategy To Dodge Texas Abortion Law,” stated a headline from HuffPost.

“Why Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas’s abortion bill,” echoed Fortune.

 why satanists may be the last hope to take down texas   s abortion bill   echoed fortune © press
'Why Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas’s abortion bill,' echoed Fortune

Last year, a woman wrote an op-ed in HuffPost following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that she had joined The Satanic Temple, believing they are the best force in America to keep abortion rights alive.

She wrote:

"I believe that the Satanic Temple ― and its members’ dedication to fighting for true freedom ― represents our best, last defense against anti-choice lawmakers who are seeking to assert power over women’s bodies and take away our right to choose.

"We need creative, resolute thinkers who are willing to stand up for what they believe in and take concrete action to do so, and the Satanic Temple is full of those kind of people.

"I am proud to now count myself among their ranks."

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court decided 5-4 not to block the Lone Star State’s new law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

It also allows citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who aids in abortion for up to $10,000 in damages.

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