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Taliban Releases Thousands of ISIS Terrorists from Prison, Pentagon Confirms

American prisons in Afghanistan seized and prisoners set free

 on 30th August 2021 @ 12.00pm
thousands of isis terrorists have been released from jail in afghanistan © press
Thousands of ISIS terrorists have been released from jail in Afghanistan

The Taliban has released thousands of ISIS terrorists from U.S. prisons in Afghanistan, the Pentagon has confirmed.

Department of Defence (DOD) press secretary John Kirby said he did not know the exact number of prisoners that have been freed.

However, he said it was “clearly in the thousands when you consider both prisons”

The freeing of thousands of Islamic State prisoners is under scrutiny following last week's terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

On Thursday, an Islamic State suicide bombers killed 13 American service members and a number of Afghan and other nations’ civilians at a gate at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Kirby confirmed that the prisons on Bagram Air Base and Kandahar Air Field, which both held ISIS prisoners, have been "emptied."

the prisons  which were filled with isis terrorists  have now been  emptied © press
The prisons, which were filled with ISIS terrorists, have now been 'emptied'

“Both of them were taken over by the Taliban and emptied,” Kirby said in a statement.

He said the U.S. did not transfer the prisoners over to Guantanamo because the plan was to turn the prisons over to the Afghan National Security Forces:

"That was part of the retrograde process, was to turn over these responsibilities.
"They did have responsibility for those prisons and the bases at which those prisons were located and as the Taliban advanced, we didn’t see the level of resistance by the Afghans to hold some territory or some bases and unfortunately, those were the bases the Afghans didn’t hold."

“Those responsibilities were turned over in accordance with the retrograde plan back in April,” he said.

April was when Democrat Joe Biden ordered all U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31, according to Breitbart.

As the military continued its withdrawal, the Taliban began its offensive and succeeded in taking over the country in just 11 days by August 14.

democrats joe biden is  in charge  of the situation © press
Democrats Joe Biden is 'in charge' of the situation

After the rapid takeover by the Taliban, Biden ordered 6,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan and the region to evacuate American citizens, Afghans, and others out.

The 13 service members killed Wednesday were part of that evacuation mission.

Military officials say they are not sure if the Taliban — who the U.S. has been relying on to man checkpoints to the airport — allowed the ISIS bomber and additional attackers through.

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