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Hannity: Biden Signed Death Certificate of 'Every Afghan' Who Trusted America

Fox News host slams Democrat regime leader for failing to extend evacuation deadline

 on 25th August 2021 @ 7.00pm
sean hannity slammed biden for  letting the taliban control the shots © press
Sean Hannity slammed Biden for 'letting the Taliban control the shots'

Fox News host Sean Hannity has slammed Joe Biden, accusing the Democrat regime leader of signing the death certificates of "every Afghan" who helped or trusted America.

Biden "humiliated" the United States with his botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Hannity told viewers during his show on Tuesday.

Hannity blasted Biden for failing to delay the evacuation deadline of August 31 as thousands of U.S. citizens are left abandoned behind Taliban lines along with stranded allies.

"We are now day ten of Americans held hostage, trapped behind enemy lines -- and clearly President Biden is letting the Taliban call all the shots," Hannity lamented.

"Your commander-in-chief has now humiliated this entire country and is being bullied into submission by the terrorists, the Taliban," he continued.

"He will not commit to keeping U.S. forces past the Taliban's Aug. 31 deadline."

sean hannity says joe biden has  humiliated this entire country and is being bullied into submission by the terrorists © press
Sean Hannity says Joe Biden has 'humiliated this entire country and is being bullied into submission by the terrorists'

"He will not commit to ensuring the rescue of all of our citizens and our Afghan partners that we promised we would get out if this day ever came," Hannity added.

By agreeing to the Aug. 31 evacuation date demanded by the Taliban, Biden has essentially "signed the death certificate of every Afghan that has helped the U.S. in the last 20 years," Hannity said.

"Apparently, they [Taliban] even have access to computer data so that these people will be hunted down, they will be murdered, their families will be murdered," Hannity asserted.

"Joe seemed to care less," he continued.

"Women and children have been gassed, they've been whipped and stabbed.

"Many evacuees have been forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hire private military contractors to escort them to the airport."


Hannity said Biden's limited effort to evacuate Americans abroad pales in comparison to other countries who have taken a far more aggressive approach to returning their citizens to safety.

"The Dutch, the French, the British, they have sent troops behind enemy lines into Kabul to extract their citizens with their Special Forces and their paratroopers and our military is under strict orders not to leave the airport," the host said.

"Americans were left to fend for themselves but the Dutch protected their citizens, their troops went behind enemy lines, the French, the British but not American troops?

"This is utter humiliation on the world stage and worse, thousands of Americans and thousands of our friends and allies are likely to be murdered soon by the Taliban that is now in full control," he went on.

"Some are already being tortured, some are already being murdered."

hannity says biden has signed the death certificates of  every afghan  who ever trusted america © press
Hannity says Biden has signed the death certificates of 'every Afghan' who ever trusted America

Hannity urged the president to "grow a spine, answer some basic, pivotal, important questions" and "be honest for a change" with Americans who are pleading for answers.

"Cut the crap with the spin with Jen Psaki," Hannity said.

"Commit that every American is out before you leave Afghanistan.

"Why would you leave one American behind, Joe?" he asked.

"Will you pledge not to leave a single American behind?

"Do we have Special Forces on the ground?

"Are you willing to send them to rescue American citizens who are telling the news media they can't get to the airport?

"Will you commit to extracting our Afghan partners, who we promised to get out if this day ever came?"

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