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Candace Owens Calls on America to Rise Up and Reject the Left's Marxist Agenda

'This is the most important battle — the battle for future generations'

 on 25th August 2021 @ 5.00pm
candace owens warns parents their kids are being indoctrinated in school © press
Candace Owens warns parents their kids are being indoctrinated in school

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens has issued a call to action to decent-minded Americans everywhere: Rise up and reject the Left's radical Marxist agenda.

Owens made the call during the latest episode of her weekly show "Candace."

In her monologue, Owens warned parents that schools are indoctrinating their children to support the radical Left's divisive idealogy.

She urged parents to save their kids from Marxism by pulling them out of the publicly sponsored “day-care” programs cleverly disguised as public schools. 

Schools are teaching kids to hate their country, to undermine their parents, to think of the world as oppressed vs oppressor, and to believe that some races are superior to others, Owens argued.

"Parents, pull your kids out of school; bring them back home," Owens told her audience.

candace owens is calling on parents to reject the indoctrination of their kids at school © press
Candace Owens is calling on parents to reject the indoctrination of their kids at school

For parents who doubt Owens’ advice, she suggests seeking out options — the Democrat-controlled government wins by convincing parents there are no options.

"This is the most important battle — the battle for future generations,” Owens declared.

She noted that the fight for Western civilization begins with properly educated children — not those who are indoctrinated by a corrupt agenda.

“Save the future generations and you will save America in the process,” she said.

In the show’s panel segment, Owens and her guests discussed further methods of civil disobedience.

The panel applauded parents who’ve spoken out against forced segregation while lauding those who are standing up to leftist virtue signaling against capitalism.

In particular, they highlighted including a courageous teacher in Loudon County, Virginia, who resigned from her job rather than indoctrinate her students.

They went on to encourage those fighting back against Hollywood pushing perversity onto children.

Concerned that more parents are standing up to the liberal educational establishment, Owens makes a bold prediction about how the government may soon handle homeschooling — after all, open minds are dangerous minds.

candace owens says rejecting the left s radical agenda is  the most important battle © press
Candace Owens says rejecting the Left's radical agenda is 'the most important battle'

This isn't the first time Owens has highlighted the push for Marxism into American society, however.

As Neon Nettle reported last year, Owens slammed the Black Lives Matter movement as a trojan horse designed to permanently alter America's way of life.

"Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement disguised as racial unrest,” according to Owens.

"We fight now, or lose America to violent communism,” the Blexit (black exit from the Democratic Party) founder warned during the height of violent left-wing rioting last summer.

"These thugs are delivering ultimatums to businesses & schools: Do as we say, or burn,” Owens said.

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