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Boris Johnson: The World Is ‘Better off with Trump’ than ‘Sleepy Joe'

British prime minister reportedly 'furious' with Joe Biden's 'betrayal' in Afghanistan

 on 23rd August 2021 @ 1.00pm
boris johnson allegedly remarks that the world was  better off with trump © press
Boris Johnson allegedly remarks that the world was 'better off with Trump'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly "furious" with Democrat Biden's "betrayal" in Afghanistan, allegedly remarking that the world is "better off with Trump" in the White House instead of "Sleepy Joe."

Accoridng to reports, UK government sources claim that Johnson sees Biden as a huge "letdown" who has put the Western world in danger after handing Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Downing Street dismisses the claims, however, despite mounting concerns that the UK and America's other Western allies have been left exposed by the speed of Biden's military withdrawal.

Britain is tied to the cut-off date of August 31 for the end of evacuation flights, which was set by the Biden administration and agreed upon without consultation.

If Joe Biden fails to extend the date, the UK will have to stop flights within days, potentially leaving many of the 900 British troops trapped in the terrorist-controlled country.

Reports have also emerged that Johnson was disappointed by Biden's victory in the presidential elections and had declared that it would have been "better" if Donald Trump had won a second term.

insiders claim boris johnson uses trump s nickname for biden    sleepy joe © press
Insiders claim Boris Johnson uses Trump's nickname for Biden - 'Sleepy Joe'

Officials have denied the claims, however, and say it is "categorically untrue" that Johnson shreds Biden privately by using the Trump-coined derogatory nickname of Sleepy Joe during jocular conversations.

According to The Daily Mail, there are also whispered concerns among officials and diplomats, across Whitehall and in British embassies around the world, that 78-year-old Biden might be, in the words of one UK government source, "a bit doolally" – unable to exert a full executive grip on the White House and with a world view forged decades ago and out of step with the demands of leadership in the 2020s. 

The Times claimed yesterday that Johnson finds Biden "lightweight and inward-looking."

Observers of the two men's relationship believe that there is a degree of wariness, with Biden regarding Johnson as a "mini-Trump" because of his personality-driven style of politics.

The pair is reportedly talking far less frequently than Johnson and Trump did.

Of particular irritation in London during the Afghan endgame has been the fact that British military commanders have been cut out of discussions between the US and the Taliban.

But a No 10 source said yesterday that Mr. Johnson had not expressed any anger over the US withdrawal, and said the two men had enjoyed a "warm and constructive" phone conversation on Tuesday evening.

A Downing Street spokesman said: "These claims are categorically untrue.

"The prime minister has not criticized President Biden, and they have a very strong working relationship."

However, one of Johnson's predecessors has been vocally on the records about his views toward Biden's actions in Afghanistan.

boris johnson and president trump had a clear mutual respect for one another © press
Boris Johnson and President Trump had a clear mutual respect for one another

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who led Britain when the UK sent troops to the Middle Eastern country 20 years ago following the 9/11 attacks, has slammed Joe Biden as an "imbecile" over his decision to suddenly withdraw US troops from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

He blasted Biden's scuttle as "tragic, dangerous and unnecessary" and said the move had "every Jihadist group round the world cheering."

Blair says Britain has a "moral obligation" to stay until "all those who need to be are evacuated."

In a 2,700-word article on the threat of "radical Islam," the former British prime minister said the exit was not in the West or Afghanistan's interest as he lamented the likely reversal of gains made during the occupation, with the Taliban reasserting itself across most of the country in recent days.

He added that the West's enemies, including China and Russia, are likely to applaud the withdrawal and occupy the "vacuum" in Afghanistan left by the NATO powers.

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