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Soros Turns on China, Calls Xi Jinping the 'Most Dangerous Enemy' of the Free World

'Xi Jinping, the ruler of China, suffers from several internal inconsistencies'

 on 17th August 2021 @ 2.00pm
billionaire soros blasts chineses leader in wsj op ed © press
Billionaire Soros blasts Chineses leader in WSJ op-ed

Billionaire globalist George Soros warned in a WSJ op-ed that Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is “the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world."

Soros wrote in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

“Xi Jinping, the ruler of China, suffers from several internal inconsistencies which greatly reduce the cohesion and effectiveness of his leadership."

“There is a conflict between his beliefs and his actions and between his public declarations of wanting to make China a superpower and his behavior as a domestic ruler."

“These internal contradictions have revealed themselves in the context of the growing conflict between the U.S. and China.”

 i consider xi jinping   s china the worst threat to an open society   soros said © press
'I consider Xi Jinping’s China the worst threat to an open society,' Soros said

Soros argued that at the “heart” of the Washington-Beijing conflict is “the reality that the two nations represent systems of governance that are diametrically opposed."

“The U.S. stands for a democratic, open society in which the role of the government is to protect the freedom of the individual.

"Mr. Xi believes Mao Zedong invented a superior form of organization, which he is carrying on: a totalitarian closed society in which the individual is subordinated to the one-party state,” he wrote.

“Relations between China and the U.S. are rapidly deteriorating and may lead to war,” Soros concluded.

Soros has described Xi as a “threat” in the past.

In 2019, Soros said Xi as “the most dangerous opponent of those who believes in the concept of open society” during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

He later criticized Xi in an interview with the New York in the same year.

“I consider Xi Jinping’s China the worst threat to an open society,” Soros stated.

Soros also called the PRC “a mortal enemy” of the West.

“We should recognize it: It’s a different system," Soros wrote of china's ruling Communist Party.

"It’s totally opposed to ours, diametrically opposed to ours."

“I’m not anti-Chinese at all. I’m just anti-Xi Jinping,” Soros declared.

soros  heavy funding of groups like black lives matter and antifa have caused untold damage and division across the u s © press
Soros' heavy funding of groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have caused untold damage and division across the U.S

Soros, who is a major donor to the Democrats, said last year that Beijing and Washington posed the biggest threat to "open societies."

"Both [leaders] try to extend the powers of their office to its limit and beyond."

"Trump is willing to sacrifice the national interests for his personal interests, and he will do practically anything to win re-election," he said at the time.

"By contrast, Xi Jinping is eager to exploit Trump's weaknesses and use artificial intelligence to achieve total control over his people."

But Soros' critique of China almost pails compared to his heavy funding of left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which have caused untold destruction and devisions throughout the United States.

Last year, Open Society Foundations announced $220 million in donations to BLM and justice organizations across the US.

The most significant share of the investment was $150 million via grants to black-led organizations focused on racial equality.

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