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Top Military Official Blows Whistle: West Point Academy Teaching 'Marxism' to Cadets

United States Army academy using classed to push radical-left indoctrination system

 on 14th August 2021 @ 4.00pm
west point army academy is teaching cadets   marxism  and far left indoctrination classes © press
West Point Army Academy is teaching cadets 'Marxism' and far-left indoctrination classes

A top United States military official has spoken out to reveal that the U.S. Army academy at West Point is teaching cadets "Marxism" and other radical-left indoctrination classes.

West Point is reportedly teaching several far-left classes as part of a Marxist indoctrination system, the military official said under the condition of anonymity.

The whistleblower made the disturbing revelations to The Washington Times this week.

The Times reported on three classes future officers are taking at the academy (emphasis added):

Three classes in particular at the academy are being taught with what critics say is the goal of social engineering and politicization of the 4,294 cadets: 
“Social Inequality,” “Military Leadership: Leading Inclusive Teams” and “Politics of Race Gender and Sexuality and Diversity.” 
there s been a growing push for marxism under the biden regime © press
There's been a growing push for Marxism under the Biden regime

West Point also offers a seminar on “diversity and inclusion that features images of Black Lives Matter protesters,” the report notes.

The military official told the Times, “All of those classes are primarily focused on teaching our nation’s young men and women Marxism in the name of ‘social equality.'”

In July, Lynne Chandler García, an associate professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, penned an opinion piece in The Washington Post, titled “I’m a professor at a U.S. military academy. Here’s why I teach critical race theory.”

In response, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) sent a letter to the acting secretary of the Air Force demanding the removal of the professor. 

As Neon Nettle reported at the time, Green, a West Point graduate himself, wrote to Acting Secretary of the Air Force John Roth, saying that “Professor Lynne Chandler García’s full-throttled attack on our country and her support for Critical Race Theory render her unqualified to teach in one of our prestigious military academies.”

“How are our future Air Force leaders supposed to take an oath to defend the Constitution if they are being taught that it is racist and promotes inequality?” he asked.

“As a graduate of West Point and Army veteran, I know firsthand what is taught at these service academies leaves a lasting impact.

"It was at West Point where I first raised my right hand and took the oath to defend our Constitution,” he wrote.

“My professors there taught me the importance of serving our nation — both in uniform and in public office.”

“Teaching our next generation that our country is fundamentally racist is not only propagandizing lies about our great nation, it will also undoubtedly leave an impact on our nation’s Armed Forces and national security,” he added.

“If we want servicemembers who are proud to defend this country, we must not denigrate the very principles upon which it was founded.

"Making them ashamed of their country will only decrease morale, retention, and unit cohesion.”

professor lynne chandler garcía was found to be teaching marxism to air force cadets © press
Professor Lynne Chandler García was found to be teaching Marxism to Air Force cadets

"Critical Race Theory teaches that the only way to right past racial discrimination is with present racial discrimination," he added.

"This teaching is utterly incompatible with the principles in the Declaration of Independence and the Civil Rights Movement — not to mention illegal.

"Our country already lived through a horrific era when people were judged by the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character — we must never go back to this way of thinking.”

“If we allow this destructive ideology to be taught in our Military Service Academies, we will be responsible for this nation’s demise. Professor García must be removed from her teaching position,” Green emphasized.

He then demanded the end of teaching Critical Race Theory in military service academies “for the sake of our national security.”

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