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Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended by Twitter for Entire Week

'Repeated violations of the Twitter Rules'

 on 10th August 2021 @ 8.00pm
greene   s tweets were labeled  misleading  and she has been banned from tweeting for one week © press
Greene’s tweets were labeled 'misleading' and she has been banned from tweeting for one week

Social media giant Twitter has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from its platform.

This time the ban will last a full week due to alleged “misinformation" on the coronavirus.

Taylor Greene has been hit with multiple suspensions from Twitter, and she is now teetering on the edge of a permanent ban.

The ban comes after Greene tweeted that the FDA “should not approve the covid vaccines” and that they were “failing" to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Greene’s tweets were labeled “misleading,” and she has been banned from tweeting for one week.

A Twitter spokesperson said the tweet “was labeled in line with our COVID-19 misleading information policy. The account will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

in july  greene was suspended for posting  misleading information  on covid 19 © press
In July, Greene was suspended for posting 'misleading information' on COVID-19

In July, Greene was suspended for posting “misleading information” on COVID-19.

At the time, Greene's personal account was placed in “read-only mode” for 12 hours.

Twitter’s coronavirus vaccine misinformation policy was launched earlier this year, stating 12-hour suspensions would be implemented on anyone who violated its policy on more than two or three occasions.

A fourth violation results in a week’s suspension, and a fifth leads to a permanent account ban.

Greene seems to strike four of five, meaning she is close to a permeant ban.

Greene was suspended from Twitter due to an “error” in March, which was on the same day that Democrats launched an effort to expel her from the House of Representatives.

greene seems to strike four of five  meaning she is close to a permeant ban © press
Greene seems to strike four of five, meaning she is close to a permeant ban.

In January, Twitter suspended the congresswoman’s account after she discussed allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

According to a Twitter spokesperson:

“Our automated systems took enforcement action on the account referenced in error.

"This action has been reversed, and access to the account has been reinstated.”

Greene called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to identify the employee at Twitter who made the error.

“I was just told Twitter suspended me for 12 hrs in ‘error,’ on the same day Dems introduced a resolution to expel me from Congress,” said Rep. Greene

”What a coincidence?”

“Twitter’s little error wasn’t resolved until after 12 hrs. @Jack, which employee made the ‘error’? Reply to my email, Jack.”

In April, Greene’s Twitter account was suspended “accidentally” again, another so-called "error."

Rep. Greene accused Twitter of unfairly targeting her.

“After tweeting, 'He is risen! Happy Easter!' I was suspended this morning for 12 hours!” said Rep. Greene.

“Was it my Christian faith?

"My never ending demand to an end to murdering God’s creation in the womb?

"Is it my fight to protect our greatest right to defend ourselves, come and take them?

"My willingness to Fire Fauci?

"Maybe my fight to stop mandated vaccine passports?

"Or how about calling out Ilhan Omar?”

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