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Teen Vogue Urges Children to Create 'Socialist Future': 'No Future under Capitalism'

'The future belongs to young people, but there is no future for us under capitalism'

 on 7th August 2021 @ 2.00pm
walsh is one of the youngest delegates to the democratic socialists of america   s  dsa  national convention © press
Walsh is one of the youngest delegates to the Democratic Socialists of America’s (DSA) national convention

Teen Vogue is pushing a far-left agenda on its young readers, urging them to “mobilize toward building a socialist future” while describing "capitalism" as having no future.

The publication wrote that socialism is “the only system that will guarantee us a livable planet and life unburdened from economic exploitation, crushing debt and racial castes."

Just to note, the op-ed, titled “The Democratic Socialists of America Can Mobilize Gen Z’ers Like Me,” was written by the 17-year-old political organizer, Calla Walsh.

Walsh is one of the youngest delegates to the Democratic Socialists of America’s (DSA) national convention. 

walsh described herself as     a 17 year old socialist  who says  fascist presidential administration  shaped her world view © press
Walsh described herself as “'a 17-year-old socialist' who says 'fascist presidential administration' shaped her world view

Walsh described herself as “a 17-year-old socialist” who says “fascist presidential administration, pandemic, economic collapse, and a historic uprising for Black lives” as the main factors in shaping her world view.

She wrote:

“These defining events and movements have caused Gen Z to become more disillusioned with capitalism and the white-supremacist, bourgeois state than older generations."

Walsh called on her generation “to mobilize toward building a socialist future” and notes Gen Z is “especially open to ideological radicalization.”

Walsh described her experience of “risking [her] life” to work during the pandemic.

“When I regained employment after Massachusetts reopened, I witnessed capitalism’s lack of regard for human life firsthand,” she wrote.

“Going to work meant risking my life to perform labor because the ruling class had decided that dead frontline workers were just the collateral damage of their profit-motivated reopening.”

She then writes how she was motivated to join the DSA when the restaurant she was working at closed due to the coronavirus in November.

“My belief in socialism was strengthened during my time as a frontline worker, but it originated earlier when I first became engaged in politics through climate organizing,” she wrote.

“I recognized capitalism as the root cause of the climate crisis and realized that the environmental justice for which I was fighting posed a threat to capitalism’s very existence as a system of profit and exploitation,” she added.

Walsh also claimed:

“Looking at the world through the lens of class conflict and historical materialism has made everything I had never been able to explain make sense.”

in 2019  the publication famously took to twitter on the fourth of july to declare that  racism and patriotism go hand in hand © press
In 2019, the publication famously took to Twitter on the Fourth of July to declare that 'racism and patriotism go hand in hand'

“What continues to mystify me is how anyone my age can still have complete faith in capitalism, a system that is driving our planet to literal in habitability,” she added.

Walsh also says the “climate crisis necessitates “Gen Z’s commitment to socialism,”

As DSA’s Ecosocialist Working Group explains:

“The liberation of people and the planet are necessarily intertwined and dependent on the dismantling of our exploitative capitalist production process and the remaking of society to serve the needs of people and planet, not profit.”

“Human survival will depend on revolution,” she added, and warned “‘survival mode’ under late-stage capitalism” means enduring “the endless exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources”:

We will have to survive floods, heatwaves, forest fires, and air pollution; watch our homes sink underwater; the collapse of food supply chains; and power grids that give out. The working class will suffer while the rich will be able to move to higher elevations and build safeguarded homes.

Walsh says organizing will be driven “by an impulse to save the human race.”

She also states Generation Z has already shown its ability to “organize and mobilize” and cites “young Black activists who led Black Lives Matter protests, and young allies who participated and made it likely the biggest movement in U.S. history.”

She also states young voters were responsible for propelling Joe Biden to victory.

Walsh goes on to claim the struggles to end white supremacy, and capitalism are intertwined,” citing Black Lives Matter’s (BLM) “focus on dismantling racial capitalism.”

“Centering Black liberation in our movement for socialism is a moral imperative that will also allow us to engage young people who were politically radicalized by Black Lives Matter and counter the neoliberal co-optation of racial justice organizing,” she added.

She then states the souls of her generation who "have not yet been crushed by capitalism” to “shift the tide in favor of socialism."

She then said:

“We are counting on millennials, Gen Z, even Boomers to guide us into the socialist movement so we can work together to empower the working class.”

Her op-ed concludes by urging socialists to educate and mobilizing her generation by joining the DSA.

“I urge the socialist movement to meaningfully invest in youth activation and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we have to mobilize Gen Z. And I urge my peers to join their local DSA or YDSA chapter and start organizing,” she wrote.

“The future belongs to young people, but there is no future for us under capitalism.”

In 2019, the publication famously took to Twitter on the Fourth of July to declare that "racism and patriotism go hand in hand."

The outlet also claimed America’s prominent anthems are rooted in racism.

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