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Two Biden Supporters Plead Guilty to Attacking 7-Year-Old Trump Fan

Delaware women pleaded guilty to charges of theft, child endangerment and hate crimes

 on 6th August 2021 @ 1.00am
olivia winslow  left  and camryn amy have pleaded guilty over the viral attack © press
Olivia Winslow (left) and Camryn Amy have pleaded guilty over the viral attack

Two supporters of Democrat Joe Biden have pleaded guilty to multiple charges over a viral incident that included the pair attacking a 7-year-old Trump fan and stealing his MAGA hat.

In August last year, police in Delaware arrested Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy in connection with a viral video showing the women engaging in violent confrontations outside a Biden event.

The horrific incident was caught on video on Aug. 20 and triggered national outrage when it was shared online.

The footage showed Winslow and Amy ripping up Trump signs and stealing a MAGA hat after they left the site of Biden's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, Delaware.

The damning video also shows the suspects turning violent as adults come to the defense of the 7-year-old Trump fan.

The two Biden supporters, both of Wilmington, have both pleaded guilty to charges of theft, child endangerment and hate crimes in the incident, the Delaware News Journal reported Wednesday.

the two joe biden supporters attacked the young maga patriot over his support for president trump © press
The two Joe Biden supporters attacked the young MAGA patriot over his support for President Trump

Winslow and Amy will be sentenced in September.

Unsurprisingly, prosecutors will not seek prison time, however.

Their attorneys said they agree that probation is the "appropriate sentence" in the case while declining further comment, the News Journal reported.

The left-wing attackers were able to get their charges down in a cushy deal, according to the report.

Charges of assault, attempted assault, and conspiracy were all dropped as part of a plea deal struck Monday.

one of the suspects was filmed punching a man in the face as he asked for the child s hat back © press
One of the suspects was filmed punching a man in the face as he asked for the child's hat back

The footage, which was viewed more than 5 million times, was posted on Twitter by Students for Trump.


Cops in Wilmington reportedly tracked down Winslow and Amy shortly after watching the clip.

"Are you destroying my property?" an unidentified woman asks in the clip as Winslow and Amy tear up her Trump signs.

The pair then turn their attention to a MAGA hat on the ground, the footage shows.

"Get it, Liv, get it," Amy tells Winslow.

It goes without saying that these two got off lightly.

Had they been Trump supporters, they'd likely never see the light of day again.

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