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Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Executive Order to Block Biden Pushing Critical Race Theory

Republican governor bans federal government pushing CRT grants in South Dakota

 on 30th July 2021 @ 7.00pm
gov  noem describes critical race theory as  offensive  and  not american © press
Gov. Noem describes Critical Race Theory as 'offensive' and 'not American'

The Republican governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, has signed an executive order to block Democrat Joe Biden's radical federal government from pushing the Marxism-based Critical Race Theory (CRT) into her state's schools.

On Thursday, Gov. Noem signed an order that bans the state’s Department of Education from applying for federal grants tied to CRT.

"Critical race theory has no place in South Dakota schools," Noem declared.

"These ideas are un-American,” the governor said in a statement.

"We are ‘one nation, under God, indivisible,’ yet Critical Race Theory seeks to divide us based on inaccurate revisions to our nation’s history," Noem added.

“Our students should learn America’s true history by studying both our triumphs and our mistakes."

noem seeks to block biden and his radical government for forcing crt into her schools © press
Noem seeks to block Biden and his radical government for forcing CRT into her schools

"Only then will students learn that America remains the shining example of exceptionalism throughout the history of the world,” Gov. Noem's statement continued.

“At the urging of South Dakota Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson, South Dakota State Historian Ben Jones, and others, the US Department of Education removed all references to the 1619 Project and Ibram Kendi from their American History and Civics-National Activities Grants.”

Despite the changes, the statement said the problems did not go away.

"The revised proposals from the US Department of Education still advocate critical race theory in all but name,” Noem continued.

"We are the Mount Rushmore State, home to our nation’s greatest monument to our history.

"And we take the study of American history seriously.

"Our classrooms are meant for education, not indoctrination, and that is how we will continue to operate in South Dakota,” the governor added.

noem frequently speaks out regarding concerns with the marxism based crt © press
Noem frequently speaks out regarding concerns with the Marxism-based CRT

"All state officials will refrain from applying for any federal grants in history or civics until after the 2022 South Dakota legislative session," the order states.

The state’s 2022 legislative session is expected to further address the issue to provide additional guidelines for public schools for the 2022 school year and beyond, according to Western Journal.

Noem has frequently spoken out regarding concerns with CRT.

She addressed the issue during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas earlier this month.

In her speech, Noem called Critical Race Theory “offensive” and “not American.”

In a June interview with Fox News, the governor said critical race theory should not be taught in schools and that it “creates division.”

The Brookings Institution found that eight states have passed laws against CRT: Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, Arizona, and South Carolina.

In addition, the report said, “Nearly 20 additional states have introduced or plan to introduce similar legislation.”

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