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Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Child Is 'Transgender': 'Our Son Became Our Daughter'

Left-wing actress proudly reveals son Thomas now 'identifies' as 'Ruby'

 on 30th July 2021 @ 12.00pm
jamie lee curtis pictured with her son thomas who now wishes to be called  ruby © press
Jamie Lee Curtis pictured with her son Thomas who now wishes to be called 'Ruby'

Left-wing Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has proudly revealed that her child is now "transgender," declaring that "our son became our daughter Ruby."

Curtis gushed to AARP magazine this month that every liberal Hollywood elite's dream has just come true for her - her 25-year-old son Thomas, with husband Christopher Guest, has "transitioned" from male to female and now "identifies" as a woman named "Ruby."

While revealing her exciting news, the 62-year-old actress said that she and her husband "have watched in wonder and pride as our son" — a biological male, previously known as Thomas — "became our daughter Ruby."

The Halloween actress also announced that Ruby is planning to get married next year.   

Ruby is a computer gaming editor and is the younger sibling of Curtis and Guest's 34-year-old daughter, Annie, who is a dance instructor.

Annie, a biological female who still "identifies" as a woman, for now, received no mention in the interview with Curtis.

the gentleman on the left is thomas  but you must now address  her  as  ruby © press
The gentleman on the left is Thomas, but you must now address 'her' as 'Ruby'

In the interview, which was conducted with Ruby's permission, Curtis, a vocal leftist, explained that she has tossed out the "old idea" that gender is fixed and is instead leaning into the idea that life is a "constant metamorphosis."

The actress has previously shown support for transgenders going back several years, and in 2017 shared a Huffington Post article on Twitter: "Dear Trans Kids. The letter we all wish we had written. (from a trans teacher)."

Last year, she also signed on to direct and star in a TV movie about GLAAD Media Institute alum Sara Cunningham.

Cunningham is the founder of Free Mom Hugs, which celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community.

She also spoke excitedly about Ruby's upcoming nuptials. 

Curtis' children are private — and have only attended a handful of events with their mom — but Ruby gave Curtis the OK to share two pieces of personal information with AARP, the other being the impending nuptials. 

"She and her fiancé will get married next year at a wedding that I will officiate," the Halloween star said. 

Curtis didn't say whether Ruby is marrying a man or woman, though in 2019 Ruby shared a photo with a girlfriend.

It's currently not known whether the girlfriend has also switched gender.

 ruby   left   pictured with  her  girlfriend  is due to soon get married © press
'Ruby' (left), pictured with 'her' girlfriend, is due to soon get married

Curtis and Guest struggled with infertility and adopted their eldest, Annie, through an agency in 1986.

Nine years later, they adopted Ruby.   

In 1996, Curtis wrote a book, Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born, to stress the importance of sharing birth stories with adopted children.

She also told AARP that she is hopeful of one day being a grandmother.

When asked if she has grandchildren yet, she said: "Not yet, but I do hope to."

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