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Biden Snaps, Calls Reporter 'Pain in the Neck' for Asking Unrehearsed Question

NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell went off topic to ask about breaking news story

 on 27th July 2021 @ 5.00pm
biden snapped at reporter kelly o   donnell for asking an off topic question © press
Biden snapped at reporter Kelly O’Donnell for asking an off-topic question

Democrat Joe Biden snapped during a Monday press conference when a reporter went off-script to ask an unrehearsed question about a breaking news story.

Biden blasted NBC News reporter Kelly O'Donnell in front of the world's media for asking about the Department of Veterans' Affairs vaccine mandate during a White House meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

After meeting with Al-Kadhimi, Biden took several questions regarding America's relationship with Iraq and the U.S. strategy in the Middle East.

As White House staff began ushering reporters out of the room, O'Donnell shouted a question about Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough's department-wide COVID vaccine mandate for its health care workers.

"You are such a pain in the neck, but I'm going to answer your question because we've known each other so long," Hunter Biden's father shot back.

"It has nothing to do with Iraq," he blasted.

nbc news reporter kelly o donnell was shot down in front of the world s media © press
NBC News reporter Kelly O'Donnell was shot down in front of the world's media

Biden was hosting Al-Kadhimi in the Oval Office when he rebuked the veteran journalist, who often appears on MSNBC.


O’Donnell was elected this month to be president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, according to The New York Post.

The association picks presidents two years in advance and her one-year term begins in 2023.

Biden is well-known for being short-tempered with reporters.

Last month, Biden apologized to CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins after making personal jabs at her during a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, when she asked him after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior, Mr. President?”

“I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior! What the hell?” Biden shot back as he walked toward her with his finger in the air.

"What do you do all of the time?

"When did I say I was confident?"

Biden said angrily: “What I said was — let’s get this straight — I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacted to them and they diminished their standing in the world.

"I’m not confident of anything, I’m just stating the facts.”

He erupted again when Collins followed up by noting how Putin had denied any involvement in cyberattacks and downplayed human rights violations, then asked Biden how their meeting could be considered constructive.

“If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business,” Biden shot back before storming off.

biden was taking questions after meeting with iraqi prime minister mustafa al kadhimi © press
Biden was taking questions after meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Biden’s thin skin also was on display in January when an Associated Press reporter pointed out that his goal of 1 million COVID-19 vaccinations per day had already been accomplished by the Trump administration.

“Come on, gimme a break, man! It’s a good start,” Biden said in a serious tone.

And during the presidential campaign, Biden in October blasted CBS News reporter Bo Erickson for asking him about The Post’s reporting on documents from his son Hunter’s laptop that appeared to link the elder Biden to his son’s overseas business projects.

“I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask,” Biden sneered at Erickson.

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