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George Soros Behind Plan to Give Taxpayer Money to Illegal Immigrants

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's push for cash handouts linked to leftist billionaire

 on 27th July 2021 @ 1.00pm
george soros is behind the push by la s mayor to give tax dollars to illegal immigrants © press
George Soros is behind the push by LA's mayor to give tax dollars to illegal immigrants

Leftist billionaire George Soros is behind a controversial plan in Los Angeles to give taxpayer-funded cash handouts to illegal immigrants living in the city, it has emerged.

The scheme was heavily pushed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti throughout last year.

However, it has now been revealed that Garcetti is on the board of a Soros-funded far-left organization called the Mayors Migration Council.

The group promotes Garcetti’s program which gives tax dollars to illegal aliens.

Garcetti is partnering on pro-illegal immigration efforts with Patrick Gaspard, the president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The mayor is also working with Soros’ activism network to demand reparations for black people.

los angeles mayor eric garcetti promoted plans to give illegal immigrants cash handouts © press
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promoted plans to give illegal immigrants cash handouts

Eric Garcetti is a member of the Mayors Migration Council Leadership Board along with seven other current global mayors and one former mayor, according to Nationalfile.

The Mayors Migration Council asks its supporters to “Join Mayors in building an inclusive COVID-19 recovery for all.”

So what is the Mayors Migration Council pushing for?

According to their own materials, the Council states: 

We ask that decision makers at the national and international level join us and take the following actions: Ensure safe, equitable access to services regardless of migration status, including healthcare and economic relief…Empower migrants and refugees to be part of the solution to COVID-19, including through the regularization of immigrant essential workers…Combat misinformation, racism, and xenophobia to strengthen community solidarity in all COVID-19 response and recovery efforts…”

The Mayors Migration Council spotlighted Garcetti’s city of Los Angeles in its materials, stating, “City of Los Angeles steps in where national government falls short, provides direct cash assistance to all city residents in need, including undocumented immigrants.”

Mayors Migration Council says on its website that it is “financially supported by the Open Society Foundations.”

The Mayors Migration Council stated: “In the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti committed to build an equitable and inclusive COVID-19 response and recovery.

"Stepping in where the US national government purposefully excluded migrants and their families, Los Angeles provided emergency financial assistance to families in need, regardless of their immigration status.

"Building a new, innovative direct cash assistance program — the Angeleno Card — the city served residents who fall below the poverty line and do not qualify for other federal aid that excludes undocumented immigrants and informal sector workers.

"Mayor Garcetti’s Office, and the nonprofit the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, raised $25M from the private sector, philanthropies, and individuals for the program to distribute directly to residents to meet their basic needs…

"Critically, applicants’ immigrant status was not requested nor factored towards their eligibility…

"The program received more than 450,000 applications,187,000 of which were pre-qualified.

"Given this large need from the community, a lottery was used to choose more than 20,000 households ­— helping more than 70,000 Angelenos.

"This innovative, multi-stakeholder program from Los Angeles served a model state-wide and nationally….”

Eric Garcetti and Open Society Foundations president Patrick Gaspard are both quoted in a Mayors Migration Council 2020 press release headlined “Mayors From Around The World Call On Global Leaders to Include Migrants 7 Refugees in Pandemic Response.”

The press release states (emphasis added):

“Members of the MMC Leadership Board, comprised of the mayors of Amman, Bristol, Freetown, Kampala, Los Angeles, Milan, Montréal, São Paolo, and Zürich, and the former mayor of Athens, met virtually on July 16 for its second annual convening. 
"Hosted by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Leadership Board discussed common challenges mayors face in dealing with COVID-19, presented practical solutions to make sure no one is left behind in pandemic relief response, and identified opportunities to build more resilient, equitable, and sustainable cities for all throughout the COVID-19 recovery process….
"'Migrants and refugees around the world have been on the frontline of the global health crisis — risking their lives to care for patients, deliver food, and do the essential jobs needed to save lives,' said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. 
“'Building more equitable and inclusive cities will create a fairer, more just world, and the Mayors Migration Council is a critical partner in our work to ensure cities are places where everybody belongs.'…
"This year the Leadership Board was joined in conversation by the MMC’s institutional funders Ambassador Patrick Gaspard, President of the Open Society Foundations; Ambassador Christian Frutiger, Assistant Director General, Head of Global Cooperation for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation; and Ms. Ottilie Bälz, Senior Vice President, International Understanding and Cooperation at the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Special guests included Mr. António Vitorino, Director General of the International Organization for Migration and Tim Dixon, Co-founder of More in Common….
“'Mayors and cities on the front lines of the crisis are coming up with innovative solutions and sharing knowledge. We are proud to partner with cities to ensure that all of us – refugees and migrants included – have safe, equitable access to relief during these unprecedented times,' said Ambassador Patrick Gaspard, President of the Open Society Foundations. 
“'The Mayors Migration Council has a key role in supporting these efforts and elevating the voices and actions of mayors around the world.'”
los angeles mayor eric garcetti is on the board of the soros funded mayors migration council © press
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is on the board of the Soros-funded Mayors Migration Council

Previously, Eric Garcetti and Open Society Foundations president Patrick Gaspard both spoke at a December 2018 forum in Morroco co-sponsored by the United Nations calledCity Leadership In Implementing the UN Global Compacts,” with Garcetti appearing at the forum via video.

Garcetti is also talking to Open Society Foundations about financing a program to get black reparations off the ground in his city.

The Los Angeles Times reported in June 2021:

"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday announced the formation of an advisory commission that would develop and advocate for a pilot reparations program targeted at a cohort of Black Angelenos…

"In a Friday interview with The Times, Garcetti said many private entities, including Open Society Foundations, a grant network founded by billionaire George Soros, had expressed interest in being involved in funding. ”

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