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American Civil Liberties Union: Second Amendment Is 'Racist'

'Racism is foundational to the Second Amendment and its inclusion in the Bill of Rights'

 on 27th July 2021 @ 1.00am
aclu claims  racism is foundational to the second amendment © press
ACLU claims 'racism is foundational to the Second Amendment'

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been met with a severe backlash from U.S. patriots after claiming that the Second Amendment is "racist."

On Sunday, the "non-partisan" ACLU promoted claims that "racism is foundational to the Second Amendment and its inclusion in the Bill of Rights."

The ACLU enlisted Ines Santos to pen a news and commentary article headlined, "Do Black Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms?"

Santos, a communications intern according to her byline, declared that "anti-Blackness determined the inclusion of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, and has informed the unequal and racist application of gun laws."

Santos wrote the "vigilantism of widespread gun ownership puts Black Americans in an especially vulnerable position."

She goes on to claim, without evidence, that this alleged vulnerability is because of brutality and the human cost of discriminatory policing.

aclu wants to convince americans to give up their god given rights because they re  racist © press
ACLU wants to convince Americans to give up their God-given rights because they're 'racist'

"The gun violence epidemic continues to spark debate about the Second Amendment and who has a right to bear arms," she wrote.

"But often absent in these debates is the intrinsic anti-Blackness of the unequal enforcement of gun laws, and the relationship between appeals to gun rights and the justification of militia violence.

"Throughout the history of this country, the rhetoric of gun rights has been selectively manipulated and utilized to inflame white racial anxiety, and to frame Blackness as an inherent threat."

The piece was only three paragraphs and ended by plugging the latest episode of ACLU’s "At Liberty" podcast, which featured a discussion on the same topic.

But when the ACLU shared the story on social media, critics quickly slammed the concept. 

"The ACLU has completely lost the plot. Meanwhile, the the National African American Gun Association, which began in 2015 with a single chapter in Atlanta, now comprises more than 75 chapters with 30,000 members," Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby responded

"You’re an embarrassment to your own history," Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor wrote

"No, the first gun control laws were created to prevent slaves from revolting, and to keep freed slaves fearing for their lives," the Libertarian Part of Texas responded.

"Restricting minorities right to bear arms has been the calling card of American racism, not the other way around." 

aclu claims the  vigilantism of widespread gun ownership puts black americans in an especially vulnerable position © press
ACLU claims the 'vigilantism of widespread gun ownership puts Black Americans in an especially vulnerable position'

Many others responded with thoughts on the ACLU's tweet:

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