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Man Arrested for Rape after Taking Pregnant 12-Year-Old 'Girlfriend' to Hospital

24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara charged with first-degree rape of a minor

 on 22nd July 2021 @ 12.00pm
juan miranda jara has been charged with first degree rape of a minor © press
Juan Miranda-Jara has been charged with first-degree rape of a minor

A man has been arrested for rape after taking a pregnant 12-year-old girl to the hospital and claiming to be the father while calling the child his "girlfriend."

Staff at the Hillcrest Medical Center immediately called Tulsa Police who arrested 24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara charged and him with first-degree rape of a minor.

Police said Miranda-Jara brought the girl to the hospital because she was in labor.

When police got there, they said he told them he’d been in a "relationship" with the child for nine months and admitted to being the baby’s father.

"It’s kind of bizarre,” Tulsa Police officer Danny Bean said.

"It’s a different way of doing it, instead of a parent reporting it, the actual suspect brought the child in and then admitted it was his."

police said juan miranda jara appeared  proud  that he had impregnated a child © press
Police said Juan Miranda-Jara appeared 'proud' that he had impregnated a child

Police said Miranda-Jara proudly told them he was the father of the baby girl his "girlfriend" was about to deliver and seemed confused as to why officers were called to the hospital. 

"They walked in just like any other couple would, excited to deliver their newborn child," Tulsa police officer Danny Bean told Fox 23.

Bean added that the expecting couple thought the situation was "kinda fine" and did not see anything wrong with it.  

Miranda-Jara was booked into jail for rape.

The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16 years old. 

Despite her young age, the 12-year-old delivered a healthy baby daughter and was later released from the hospital, but without her "boyfriend."  

Miranda-Jara was arrested on a charge of first-degree rape, but police said he could face additional counts related to the underage pregnancy.

Police have not said how Miranda-Jara first came into contact with the young girl, why she was allowed to have a sexual relationship with a man twice her age, and how she was able to carry her baby to full term without anyone reporting the pregnancy to the authorities.

juan miranda jara openly posted on social media about his  relationship  with a minor © press
Juan Miranda-Jara openly posted on social media about his 'relationship' with a minor

Social media posts suggest that some of Miranda-Jara's relatives were allegedly aware that he was raping the minor and approved of it.

On his Facebook page, which has seen been deleted, Miranda-Jara openly stated that he was in a relationship with the underage girl and shared photos from their recent baby shower.

In one image, the man is seen happily posing with the pregnant 12-year-old wearing a floral dress and a festive sash, with pink and gold balloons and a cupcake tower in the background. 

Miranda-Jara remained jailed as of Wednesday on a $50,000 bond.

He is due back in court on August 26.

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