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DeSantis Calls on Cuba’s Military to Be 'Heroic' and Turn Against Communist Regime

Florida governor urges troops to rise up against dictatorship and free Cuban people

 on 16th July 2021 @ 3.00pm
florida gov  ron desantis has issued a plea to the cuban military © press
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has issued a plea to the Cuban military

Florida's Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, has called on Cuba's military to turn against the country's communist dictatorship and help free the Cuban people from communism.

DeSantis urged young military leaders to rise up against the regime, noting they have a chance to be “heroic” and can refound the island nation.

The governor issued the plea in response to a question from a reporter about calls for U.S. military intervention in Cuba.

"The best role for military — the Cuban military — is to realize that time’s up, that you can’t keep doing the bidding of a repressive dictatorship that is not governing with the consent of the governed,” DeSantis said.

"And so clearly this is a dictatorship that is lost," the governor added.

"Not that they ever had it, but clearly they don’t have the consent of the governed now.”

cuba s communist party leader miguel díaz canel is using the military to silence protesters © press
Cuba's Communist Party leader Miguel Díaz-Canel is using the military to silence protesters

"And so I think that the best thing would be for those militaries, particularly some of the younger military folks to understand you can really be heroic in this,” Gov. DeSantis continued.

"You can play an instrumental role in founding a free Cuba, refounding the country and a free Republic.

"And that will be something that will help millions of people.

"And that will somehow be something that will cause you to live in the history books.”


cuban protesters are demanding freedom from communism but are being silenced by the communist regime © press
Cuban protesters are demanding freedom from communism but are being silenced by the communist regime

DeSantis also said that it was time for Democrat Joe Biden to step up and do his job.

He said Biden could help provide internet to the island to protect the pro-freedom protesters from the brutal regime’s crackdown.

"Mr. President now’s the time to stand up and be counted,” DeSantis said.

"This is a time for choosing, this is a time to stand with the people who are seeking freedom from a brutal 62-year reign of communist oppression.”


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