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Rapper Pitbull Calls on Jeff Bezos to Help Cuban People: 'This Is about Freedom'

Rap star urges billionaire Amazon founder to provide aid to those fighting communism

 on 15th July 2021 @ 12.00pm
   wake up because this is about freedom and human rights     pitbull said © press
‘Wake up because this is about freedom and human rights,’ Pitbull said

Cuban American rapper Pitbull has called on billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to provide aide to the people of Cuba as they battle for freedom from their communist dictatorship.

The rap megastar issued an impassioned speech in a video posted to social media on Wednesday.

He is imploring world leaders and wealthy elites to immediately act to save the lives of pro-freedom demonstrators in Cuba.

The plea comes amid reports of a brutal crackdown by the island’s communist regime in response to anti-communism protests over the weekend.

Pitbull is calling on wealthy American business leaders, particularly Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, to provide aid to the Cuban people, thousands of whom have taken to the streets of the island nation in recent days to protest the lack of basic human necessities and to call for the end of six decades of Communist rule.

Pitbull posted a video to social media in which he made an impassioned plea for help.

pitbull is calling on jeff bezos and other powerful elites to help the people of cuba © press
Pitbull is calling on Jeff Bezos and other powerful elites to help the people of Cuba

"This is a message to the world,” he said.

"We need to stand up, step up, but if you don’t understand what’s going on, then you need to wake the fuck up.

“Not only is this a Cuba event, a Cuba thing, this is a world event.

"This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives.

"This is about unity, not division.

"And bottom line is this is about taking action.”

Pitbull — whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez — expressed his frustration with “not being to help my own people,” adding that business leaders are in a better position to provide aid to Cubans.

“All world allies get together to help,” he said.

"Global businesses get together to help.

“People that we’re so proud of people such as Jeff Bezos — Cuban-American — graduated from a high school in Miami, built one of the biggest companies in the world, the richest man in the world.

"He’s somebody that can get involved and really help us.”


Bezos’ stepfather, Miguel Bezos, was a Cuban immigrant who adopted the young Bezos at the age of four.

“They’re losing their lives over there, literally for something that we wake up everyday and appreciate, which is freedom,” Pitbull said.

“If you don’t understand, get with the motherf**king program and wake up because this is about freedom and human rights.”

the people of cuba have been rising up against their communist regime to demand an end to communism © press
The people of Cuba have been rising up against their communist regime to demand an end to communism

The rapper concluded with a direct address to the people of Cuba, delivered in Spanish.

“For all the Cubans out there and everything going on in Cuba right now: you are the ones that will motivate the world, inspire the world, for them to see what it really is to live and die for freedom.”

Pitbull is the latest Cuban-American celebrity to publicly comment on the protests in Cuba.

Actor Andy Garcia has called for an end to the country’s Communist regime, while singer Gloria Estefan and actress Eva Mendes have both backed the demonstrators.

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