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Christian UFC Fighter Warns Americans Marxism Is a Deadly 'Poison'

Beneil Dariush explains his past remarks on Marxism

 on 14th July 2021 @ 10.00pm
 you don   t want communism  you don   t want this socialism  this is what destroys countries and live © press
'You don’t want communism. You don’t want this socialism. This is what destroys countries and live'

UFC fighter Beneil Dariush has warned Americans on the deadly consequences of Marxism.

In May, after securing his championship victory at Ultimate Fighting Championship 262, Dariush called out the evils of Marxism.

“First things first, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that’s number one,” Dariush told Joe Rogan after the fight.

“Number two, I want to dedicate this fight to all the people who’ve been hurt by Marxist ideologies. There are millions of you.”

“It’s just a fight, I know it’s not much, but I want you to know that I love you. I understand the pain … I don’t completely understand, but I love you. I understand your pain.”

Dariush appeared on The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens Podcast explaining his remarks.

 so  i think we   ve got to make sure we start calling it just marxism  it   s all one  it   s all the same thing © press
'So, I think we’ve got to make sure we start calling it just Marxism. It’s all one. It’s all the same thing'

“Well, there’s a couple of things. The catalyst to it was Thug Rose,” Dariush told host Candace Owens.

“I don’t know if you were familiar with her … She just became champion again."

"She fought Weili Zhang, and she came out and said, ‘Better dead than Red.’ And her family, I believe, was Lithuanian. And that was their slogan, ‘Better dead than Red."

"And she got a terrible backlash. And I just couldn’t understand it. She’s not saying anything crazy," he added.

"You don’t want communism.

"You don’t want this socialism.

"This is what destroys countries and lives.”

“I saw how the media played it, they turn it, and they say ‘communism … it’s not even an issue in America,’ things like that,” said Dariush.

“And they kind of put a lot of pressure on her.

"And I actually felt bad for her.

"She should be able to say that as much as she wants, and pretty much everybody should.

"So with that being said, I said I was going to actually just say the same thing she said, but the issue is it’s the way they play with words.

“So you say communism, they say ‘We’re not really talking about communism. We’re talking about socialism.’

"And you say socialism, they say, ‘Well, it’s not that kind of socialism, it’s this.’”

 they made the government god  and it   s the same  it   s no different  it   s marxist ideology © press
'They made the government God. And it’s the same. It’s no different. It’s Marxist ideology'

Dariush used the word 'Marxism' to describe totalitarian governments.

“I just said ‘Marxism.’ It covers it all. The only difference between these is one of them is a slower poison that is going to kill you later on. And the other one kills you faster."

"So, I think we’ve got to make sure we start calling it just Marxism. It’s all one. It’s all the same thing.”

He also explained how his wife's family left Vietnam in order to escape Marxism.

“My wife is Vietnamese, so her parents are from Vietnam. And they ran away from Marxism,” Dariush told Candace.

“They ran away from that. They told me the stories.”

“Her father basically came on a boat, and he would tell us like nine out of ten didn’t make it. He was on one of the ten boats that did make it."

"And then the stories her mom would tell me about how they got out of the house last minute. If they had stayed an extra day, they would be in a camp, or they’d be in prison.”

Dariush sees no difference between a totalitarian government and a Marxist country.

“And then in my country, the ayatollah came, and they promised all these free things, and they said, ‘Just let us take over, and we’re going to do all this stuff for you.’

“They made the government God. And it’s the same. It’s no different. It’s Marxist ideology,” Dariush said.

“You make the government number one, and people give up their rights. The government — once it takes power —nobody takes that away.

"You don’t take it.

"If it’s gained freely, it’ll be taken back in blood, that’s the only way you get away from Communism, Marxism.”

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