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Cher on America's Voter Integrity Laws: 'I've Always Known We Were a Racist Country'

Singer lets off in an unhinged rant

 on 12th July 2021 @ 8.00pm
cher targeted the recently passed voter integrity laws  such as voter id requirements © press
Cher targeted the recently passed voter integrity laws, such as voter ID requirements.

Left-wing pop singer Cher has let rip in another unhinged rant about America's new voter integrity laws, blasting the United States as “vile” and “racist."

Cher said the U.S. “will remain a vile, racist country forever” unless “monumental” changes are made.

Cher targeted the recently-passed voter integrity laws, such as voter ID requirements.


cher said the u s   will remain a vile  racist country forever  unless  monumental  changes are made © press
Cher said the U.S. 'will remain a vile, racist country forever' unless 'monumental' changes are made

The singer's rant came in response to Hollywood star Mandy Patinkin, who urged people to sign a petition protesting the planned execution of Oklahoma death-row prisoner Julius Jones.

To highlight the large difference of reality between normal working Americans and Hollywood, Neon Nettle recently reported a large majority of voters now say they support stricter voting laws, including voter ID, a new poll revealed.

The Republican National Committee commissioned the poll conducted by former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, as reported by The New York Post.

“The phone survey — which was conducted June 8-June 13 with 800 registered voters, 31 percent of whom identify as Democrats, 29 percent as Republicans, and 36 percent as independents — found 80 percent of its participants feel verifying voter ID ‘is an important security measure."

"89 percent said that they are in favor of ‘purging voter rolls’ after individuals have died or are no longer registered in previous areas they resided in,” reported the paper.

the singer recently claimed the gop has a    dream of white supremacy   arguing republican leaders want to  bring jim crow back © press
The singer recently claimed the GOP has a “dream of white supremacy,' arguing Republican leaders want to 'bring Jim Crow back'

78 percent of voters polled said they also support signature verification, bipartisan observers overseeing counting, “cleaning up voter rolls," and chain of custody controls, in addition to stronger voter ID laws.

Cher is just one of many liberal stars who have blasted voter integrity laws claiming they somehow represent a new form of “voter suppression.”

The singer recently claimed the GOP has a “dream of white supremacy,” arguing Republican leaders want to “bring Jim Crow back.”

"They Bring Jim Crow Back, Wrap Themselves In The,&Have Gone 2 ‘Whites Only’2BLK, ETHNIC,& POOR DEMS FROM VOTING,& WINNING,” Cher claimed, without evidence.

“IF THERE R NO DEMS 2 PROTECT,Gop WILL ACHIEVE THE DREAM THEY’VE4. ‘WHITE SUPREMACY,'” she told her 3.9 million Twitter followers.

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