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Black Veteran Celebrates America: 'You're Born into Opportunity in This Country'

Combat vet captures what it means to be American on Independence Day

 on 5th July 2021 @ 5.00pm
combat veteran frank oakley says america is  the best place on the planet © press
Combat veteran Frank Oakley says America is 'the best place on the planet'

A black combat veteran has summed up why he loves America so much by declaring "in this country, you're born into opportunity."

Speaking during Independence Day celebrations on Sunday, vet Frank Oakley described the USA as "the best place on the planet."

Oakley celebrated the United States and the opportunities it gives to people like him who choose to pursue the American Dream in the land of the free.

He made the comments during an interview with Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jones.

Jones sat down with fellow combat veterans; Frank Oakley, Julee Sanchez, Jacob Schick, and Jeff McDonald.

The group sat down to share their stories of service and what Independence Day means to them.

the group of veterans celebrated america on independence day © press
The group of veterans celebrated America on Independence Day

"For me, this is in fact over my lifetime, the land of opportunity," Oakley told Jones during a televised sit down.

"I've seen other places, you are not born into a caste into this country, you are born into an opportunity. 

"For the most part, if you don't even be conscious of it, but if you work hard, do things that you should be doing, and that is not joining the crowd, be able to focus on what is right, and versus what is wrong, the opportunities are here for you in this country," he asserted.

Despite its "warts," America has proven to be "the best place on the planet" for others like him, Oakley added.

vet frank oakley described the usa as  the best place on the planet © press
Vet Frank Oakley described the USA as 'the best place on the planet'

"America has given me everything," Sanchez said.

"I'm living the American dream.

"I own my own home.

"I'm raising my kids on my own.

"I have a good job.

"I'm the American dream."

"We are the… melting pot of the world, that is why we're so resilient… we don't all look alike, but we all bleed the same," Schick said.

"I'll never be able to repay this country what it has given me," he added.


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