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Megyn Kelly Slams Critical Race Theory in Schools: 'It’s Abuse Toward Children'

Former Fox News host blasts Marxism-based agenda being pushed onto kids

 on 2nd July 2021 @ 7.00pm
megyn kelly says far left critical race theory is  abuse toward children © press
Megyn Kelly says far-left Critical Race Theory is 'abuse toward children'

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has slammed the far-left Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in schools, arguing that pushing the Marxism-based agenda is "abuse toward children."

Kelly ripped into CRT during a recent interview on her podcast.

She was speaking with famed historian Victor Davis Hanson about various issues when the subject moved to the military implementing CRT in its teachings.

"They have really lost support of the very people in America that were the backbone of their military, and the backbone of the military support for the military," Hanson stated.

"And I’m really afraid of it, because I talk with people, and they said, 'You know what? If the Left wants to cut the military budget — and they do — maybe they’ll cut Critical Race Theory training, ha ha.'

"I said, 'Well, they won’t.'"

many concerned americans want critical race theory banned from schools © press
Many concerned Americans want Critical Race Theory banned from schools

"But maybe that’s what they need," Hanson continued.

"That’s what people are saying.

"And I think we’re going to have families that served for three generations and four that are not going to volunteer to join the military.

"And I’m worried about it."

Kelly then responding by likening the situation to far-left political agendas being pushed in America's schools.

"It was bad enough when they were indoctrinating college students, right?” Kelly said.

"College students tend to be more left-leaning, and they’re experimenting with ideas, and I think one’s rationality sets in; they tend to make up their own minds, one way or the other.

"They don’t all keep that indoctrination forever.

"At least, it used to be thus.”

"But now, we’re seeing in today’s day and age is, they’re infecting — and forget corporate America, that’s already spread in sports and so on, but they’re infecting kids,” she continued.

"Young children they’re indoctrinating with these divisive messages.

"Our military — I mean, those things are going to have — it’s abuse toward children.

"And it’s endangering the men and women in the military and our country as a result.”

Kelly then segued to how the military should ideally function as she turned to the story of her next guest:

So next up on the show is Marcus Luttrell; I’m interviewing him next. And he’s the guy — he’s a Navy Seal and he wrote “Lone Survivor” and they made a movie about him starring Mark Wahlberg. And it’s all about this horrific experience he had in Afghanistan with his comrades who were all killed; he was the lone survivor.

But you watch — I went back and watched the movie recently to prepare for the interview — there’s no black; there’s no brown; there’s no white; there’s none of that.

It’s a brotherhood.

Those Seals, they don’t see skin color; they see a brotherhood.

They would die for each and every one of the guys who they fight with.

They would die for this country every day of the week.

Marcus would die for Texas every day of the week.

And they do. They do.

the push to teach critical race theory in schools has been met with pushback from concerned parents © press
The push to teach Critical Race Theory in schools has been met with pushback from concerned parents

Kelly turned to the recent remarks from Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley when he defended the reading of Critical Race Theory (CRT) texts by the United States military:

"For Milley to go in there and try to make the military or their relationship about their melanin is so undermining of what they stand for and the overall messaging and mission; I feel like he should be fired.

"It’s so irresponsible.”

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