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Ilhan Omar Slammed as 'Muslim Supremacist' over Latest Remarks about Jews in Congress

Radical Democrat hit with backlash after comments about Jewish lawmakers

 on 1st July 2021 @ 12.00am
ilhan omar has been accused of being a  muslim supremacist © press
Ilhan Omar has been accused of being a 'Muslim supremacist'

Far-left Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been blasted as a "Muslim supremacist" over her latest anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish lawmakers.

Omar triggered a backlash by attacking her Jewish Democrat colleagues, accusing congressional Jews of not being "partners in justice."

According to Omar, Jews are not "equally engaging in seeking justice around the world."

Speaking during an interview with CNN, Omar insisted that allegations about her own anti-Semitism stem from Jewish lawmakers' refusal to "learn from me."

She told host Jake Tapper that "it's really important for these members to realize" that they must accept "accountability" for human rights abuses around the world.

Rep. Omar continued by declaring that she does not regret comments she made on June 7 comparing the actions of the U.S. and Israel to terror attacks committed by Hamas and the Taliban.

ilhan omar made the latest anti semitic comments on cnn © press
Ilhan Omar made the latest anti-Semitic comments on CNN

After claiming that Jews are not "partners in justice," Omar stated that she herself "knows what it feels like to experience injustice in ways that many of my colleagues don't."


The interview sparked swift backlash on social media.

"Omar's comments draw on classic antisemitic themes about Jewish clannishness, the notion that Jews only look out for themselves," said Avi Mayer of the American Jewish Committee.

"They're also plainly false."

"Jewish lawmakers have been on the front lines, fighting for human rights in America and globally."

"So Jews should learn from @IlhanMN what it's like to experience injustice?" questioned journalist Annika Rothstein.

"No one can ever say Ilhan Omar didn't show the world exactly who and what she is."

The condemnation has not been solely from Jews. Asra Nomani, vice president of Parents Defending Education and co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, had perhaps the harshest criticism of Omar.

ilhan omar has repeatedly made anti semitic remarks © press
Ilhan Omar has repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks

"This is what a modern day Muslim Supremacist looks like," Nomani tweeted.

"Ilhan Omar speaks to @jaketapper + rebukes Jewish Democratic colleagues for failing to be ‘partners in injustice.’

"Her wound is bigger than their wound—a wound collector in the Oppression Olympics."

Zionist Organization of America president Morton Klein called Omar an "[i]gnorant antisemite," calling for Democrats "to condemn her&remove her from every committee."

The Republican Jewish Coalition called on their Democratic counterparts to "join us in calling out" Omar.

Jay Sekulow, attorney for President Donald Trump, similarly said that Omar "is past due to be censured & removed from committees," calling her "a repeat offender for antisemitic rhetoric."

Seth Mandel of the Washington Examiner Magazine said it is only a matter of time before Omar completely alienates herself.

"Everybody's got a line. If she stays in Congress long enough she'll cross everyone's," he said.

"Shocking - Ilhan Omar refusing to take ANY accountability for her obscene antisemitism," tweeted Stop Antisemitism.

"Instead she has the audacity to blame Jewish members of Congress," they added.

"When will this vile bigot finally be censured and properly reprimanded by her party?

"Enough is enough!"

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