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Arizona County to Replace All 2020 Voting Machines: Security 'Has Been Compromised'

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona announces replacement of machines

 on 30th June 2021 @ 1.00am
maricopa county will replace all the voting machines used in the 2020 election © press
Maricopa County will replace all the voting machines used in the 2020 election

An Arizona county has announced it will replace all of the voting machines used in the 2020 election over concerns security "has been compromised."

On Monday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona announced that all the voting machines will be replaced following its audit of the election ballots.

“Today, Maricopa County responded to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ May 20, 2021 letter, in which she informed the County it should never again use the subpoenaed tabulation equipment that was compromised by the Arizona Senate,” county officials said in a statement.

“The voters of Maricopa County can rest assured, the County will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.”

“The County recognizes Secretary Hobbs’ authority under A.R.S. § 16-442 to certify equipment for use in Arizona’s elections."

many have questions the reliability of election ballot counting machines © press
Many have questions the reliability of election ballot counting machines

"As a result, the County will not use the subpoenaed equipment in any future elections,” the board added.

The concerns related to election equipment were noted in February, the county said.

“Maricopa County noted this potential risk in February when it asked the court for guidance on the Senate subpoenas,” the board said in a statement.

“Since then, the County has implemented back-up plans that include acquiring new tabulation equipment for the March and May jurisdictional elections in 2021.”

The county expects to have new equipment in place in time for the November 2021 election, accoridng to Western Journal.

“With the backup equipment and the other certified tabulation equipment not subpoenaed, the Board of Supervisors, Elections Department and Recorder’s Office are working with our current vendor to replace the subpoenaed equipment so we will be able to serve voters for the November 2021 election,” the board said.

Democrats who opposed the audit and use of the firm Cyber Ninjas claim the information could have been compromised.

Many Republicans have instead argued the Dominion Voting System machines were at fault.

The Arizona Senate has still not received voting machine server information or passwords.

Some conservatives argue Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is attempting to remove evidence prior to the expected August audit report.

The county’s statement comes in response to a letter from Hobbs advising the county to replace its voting machines over possible compromise.

arizona   s democratic secretary of state katie hobbs has been trying to block the audit and remove evidence © press
Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been trying to block the audit and remove evidence

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel responded to the letter on Monday.

“The Board shares your concerns,” Adel said.

“It also recognizes your authority as Arizona’s Chief Election Officer to determine what equipment is acceptable for use in Arizona’s elections, as provided byA.R.S. § 16-442.”

It concluded, “Accordingly, I write to notify you that Maricopa County will not use the subpoenaed election equipment in any future election.”

The statement comes as Maricopa County recently completed its 2020 presidential election audit.

The November election was won by Democrat Joe Biden by about 10,000 votes in Arizona, but President Donald Trump has disputed that result.

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