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Jim Jordan Preparing Bill to Take Power Back from Big Tech

Republican congressman drafting bill to tackle Silicon Valley's excessive power

 on 25th June 2021 @ 1.00am
rep  jim jordan is preparing to take on big tech s biggest companies © press
Rep. Jim Jordan is preparing to take on Big Tech's biggest companies

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is preparing a new bill that seeks to take back power from Silicon Valley's Big Tech giants.

Jordan has taken a critical line against Democrat-led efforts to regulate Big Tech

Most notably, he's been vocal about the far-left Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.

How he says he drafting his own bill aimed at curbing the worryingly excessive power of Big Tech.

In a statement, Jordan said his bill would encompass multiple elements.

His legislation seeks to break up Big Tech companies and create a private right of action that would allow American users to sue tech companies that censor them.

jim jordan is seeking to strip power from big tech s handful of oligarchs © press
Jim Jordan is seeking to strip power from Big Tech's handful of oligarchs

Rep. Jordan also aims to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act - the law that gives tech companies wide-ranging liability protection against lawsuits related to the hosting or removal of content.

“Here’s how you take on #BigTech,” wrote Jordan on Facebook.

“Speed up the legal process to break them up. 

"Take away their liability protections by killing Section 230 as we know it. 

"Create a private right of action to sue the companies when they censor you.

"We’re drafting a bill to do just that.”

The Ohio congressman and GOP ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee has been critical of some Big Tech regulations pushed by Democrats.

He has slammed the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, a bill that would allow Big Media companies (which have relentlessly pushed tech companies to censor their competitors) the ability to form a powerful cartel to demand more special favors from Silicon Valley.

jim jordan laid out his plan to tackle big tech © press
Jim Jordan laid out his plan to tackle Big Tech

Speaking at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill in March, Jordan warned against the hasty passage of the bill, saying it would give “consortium and cartel power.”

Jordan has also been critical of Democrat-led antitrust efforts.

He recently noted that Microsoft appears to have escaped congressional scrutiny on its aggressive acquisition strategy.

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