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More Brainwashing in Ivy League Schools Than North Korea, N. Korean Defector Warns

Yeonmi Park gives chilling account of her time at Columbia University

 on 16th June 2021 @ 12.00am
north korean defector yeonmi park warns ivy league schools are brainwashing students © press
North Korean defector Yeonmi Park warns Ivy League schools are brainwashing students

The level of brainwashing in America's Ivy League schools is more severe than in North Korea, famed North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has warned.

Park offered a chilling account of her time at Columbia University, saying that not even North Korea takes brainwashing as far as what she witnessed.

She said she viewed the US as a country of free thought and free speech – until she went to college here.

Speaking with Fox News, Park says she became increasingly appalled by the cost of an education that amounts to little more than what she views as indoctrination.

“I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think,” she said.

"But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think."

yeonmi park has given a chilling account of her time at columbia university © press
Yeonmi Park has given a chilling account of her time at Columbia University

“I realized, wow, this is insane," Park added.

"I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”

Like in North Korea, Park said she witnessed example after example of anti-Western sentiment and guilt-tripping.

During her orientation, for instance, a staff member scolded her for liking classic literature.

“I said ‘I love those books.’ I thought it was a good thing,” Park said of her orientation.

“Then she said, ‘Did you know those writers had a colonial mindset? They were racists and bigots and are subconsciously brainwashing you.’”

When it came to gender pronouns and manipulation of the English language, Park was even more confused.

"English is my third language," she explains.

"I learned it as an adult.

"I sometimes still say ‘he’ or ‘she’ by mistake and now they are going to ask me to call them ‘they’?

"How the heck do I incorporate that into my sentences?” she remembered asking herself.

“It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization.”

“Even North Korea is not this nuts,” she added.

“North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy.”

Eventually, Park stopped arguing with her professors and “learned how to just shut up” so that she could graduate.

She reserved her most pointed criticisms for the woke scolds who constantly lament about being oppressed.

“Because I have seen oppression, I know what it looks like,” she said.

“These kids keep saying how they’re oppressed, how much injustice they’ve experienced.

"They don’t know how hard it is to be free.”

“I literally crossed through the middle of the Gobi Desert to be free,” she added.

"But what I did was nothing, so many people fought harder than me and didn’t make it."

Not being able to think critically has real-world consequences on society, noted Park as she recalled her inability to see that leader Kim Jong Un was the fattest man in the country while the people were starving.

"In North Korea, I literally believed that my Dear Leader [Kim Jong-un] was starving,” she said.

"He’s the fattest guy – how can anyone believe that?

"And then somebody showed me a photo and said ‘Look at him, he’s the fattest guy. Other people are all thin.’

"And I was like, ‘Oh my God, why did I not notice that he was fat?’

"Because I never learned how to think critically.”

“That is what is happening in America,” she added.

“People see things but they’ve just completely lost the ability to think critically.”

what happened in north korea is  happening in america   yeonmi park warned © press
What happened in North Korea is 'happening in America,' Yeonmi Park warned

Having seen the worst of humanity in North Korea only to witness brainwashing in the United States, Park admitted to feeling quite bitter and hopeless about it all.

"You guys have lost common sense to degree that I as a North Korean cannot even comprehend,” she said.

"Where are we going from here?

"There’s no rule of law, no morality, nothing is good or bad anymore, it’s complete chaos.

"I guess that’s what they want, to destroy every single thing and rebuild into a Communist paradise.”

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