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Ratings Plummet as Kids' TV Network Goes 'Woke'

Nickelodeon's viewership plunges as shows push BLM and LGBTQ agenda

 on 15th June 2021 @ 7.00pm
nickelodeon s ratings are plummting as the network pushes a  woke  agenda © press
Nickelodeon's ratings are plummting as the network pushes a 'woke' agenda

As America's kids' TV networks continue to push a "woke" agenda onto children, their ratings are plummeting, according to reports.

Nickelodeon's viewership is plunging while the network pushes radical-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) "social justice" and LGBTQ pride themes with its shows.

Since the beginning of the month, both Nickelodeon and its preschool-targeted network, Nick Jr., have been promoting videos championing “trans,” “queer,” and “pansexual” inclusion.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Nickelodeon is pushing a new song for Pride Month that features self-described "pro-queer" drag queen Nina West singing a "pro-trans" song for young children.

The network says the new video for kids normalizes "queer" and "trans" people for children.

One video shows West singing about adult themes on a show for two- to five-year-olds that also features a female-to-male transgender beaver who appeared to have post-operative surgical scars on its chest.

nickelodeon has been pushing black lives matter and lgbtq themes © press
Nickelodeon has been pushing Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ themes

In a separate live-action video Nickelodeon posted to YouTube last week, West explains the meanings behind various BLM and LGBTQ Pride flags through a song, according to The Daily Wire.

At one point in the video, West even salutes a flag showing BLM, transgender, and LGBTQ colors.

These latest videos come after the network began overtly celebrating “Pride” month several years ago and implied in 2020 that its most popular character, SpongeBob SquarePants, is gay.

The company also recently announced that its reboot of “Rugrats,” a popular series that originally ran throughout the 1990s to 2004, will feature a single lesbian mom.

Natalie Morales, the actress who plays the character, commented, “I think it’s just so great because examples of living your life happily and healthily as an out queer person is just such a beacon for young queer people who may not have examples of that.”

But it appears many parents don’t think it’s so great.

Pirates and Princesses, a popular entertainment site specializing in Disney-related news, reports Nickelodeon YouTube videos were “downvoted to such a degree that they’ve now hidden the ratio.”

The site also says the network has seen a major decline in viewers since it began overtly pushing the LGBTQ agenda to its young viewers:

Since July of 2017, Nickelodeon’s viewership has dropped from 1.3 million average viewers per week to a June of 2021 average of only 372,000.

In only four years, Nickelodeon has dropped more than two thirds of its audience.

That is catastrophically bad for the cable channel, but with cable on the way out, maybe it’s not so bad?

The catch here is that it is, in fact, that bad and perhaps worse, simply because Nickelodeon seems to be the primary driving force behind new subscribers to Paramount+.

nickelodeon recently suggested that spongebob squarepants is gay © press
Nickelodeon recently suggested that SpongeBob SquarePants is gay

According to a report by WND, there are signs that Viacom has not learned any lessons and is retrofitting these old shows with the same principles that have resulted in Nickelodeon’s huge loss in ratings.

Even with a show about infants, much of the headlines have been about a retconned, now-lesbian character; whatever your thoughts on that issue, it’s hard to see how a children’s show about infants is best served in advertising when the news is all about sexuality.

This is particularly bad news for parent company ViacomCBS, which has been attempting to bulk up its streaming service, Paramount+, by adding several hundred hours of Nickelodeon programming to the platform’s library. 

So far, the negative reaction from consumers doesn’t seem to be deterring the network.

In response to West posting a video of the Pride song, Nickelodeon’s official account tweeted, “It gets better every time we watch it,” alongside happy face and heart emojis.

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