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'Defund Police' Democrat Snapped Leaving $2.75M Home Protected by Private Security

New York mayoral candidate leaves multimillion-dollar home

 on 10th June 2021 @ 12.15am
photographs were published by the mail of wiley leaving the lavish home in the ditmas park section of brooklyn © press
Photographs were published by the Mail of Wiley leaving the lavish home in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn

#DefundthePolice New York mayoral candidate, Maya Wiley, who pledged to cut the budget for the New York Police Department by $1 billion, was caught leaving her $2.75 Million home protected by private security.

Wiley promised to expand affordable housing for New Yorkers, yet she and her husband live in a 4,000-square-foot home in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn, The Daily Mail reported.

Photographs were published by the Mail of Wiley leaving the lavish home, not long after she received an endorsement from fellow hypocrite Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Wiley's campaign is backed by other liberal progressives including New York Reps. Jamaal Bowman and Hakeem Jeffries, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

democrat alexandria ocasio cortez recently endorsed maya wiley for nyc mayor © press
Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently endorsed Maya Wiley for NYC mayor

But one critic of Wiley, who is with the NYPD, said her law enforcement platform is “asinine” and that she’s merely “pandering for votes” while enjoying a lavish home protected by security.

“Here they are wanting to defund the police — but to keep my family safe, we hire private security, which is probably staffed by retired cops or military,” the person told the New York Post.

“Cops laugh about it all the time. Cops know when they retire, they will get hired by someone like Wiley.”

Democratic primary rival Eric Adams branded Wiley’s plan to defund the police “dangerous” and accused her and AOC of wanting “to slash the police department budget and shrink the police force at a time when black and brown babies are being shot in our streets” on Sunday, the Post reported.

wiley   s proposed  1 billion nypd budget cut would be in addition to the  1 billion that   s already been slashed from the department © press
Wiley’s proposed $1 billion NYPD budget cut would be in addition to the $1 billion that’s already been slashed from the department

Wiley's vocal opposition to programs for gifted children in public schools also received backlash because she sent her own daughters to private schools, including a middle school for gifted children with rigorous testing standards.

Republican mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa, said:

"Hypocrisy drips from the lips of Maya Wiley. With her, it’s all do as I say, not as I do.”

Sliwa pointed out that Wiley’s proposed $1 billion NYPD budget cut would be in addition to the $1 billion that’s already been slashed from the department.

Sliwa noted that “if she wins the primary, she will get armed security from the NYPD 24-hours a day at the taxpayers’ expense. I hope she refuses that, but with her record, I don’t think she will.”

“Why should you have to have an armed guard to protect you from the people who voted for you?” he said.

Wiley argued it’s her husband who pays for the private neighborhood security due to a “trauma response” after he was brutally assaulted during a mugging in 2001.

Last year, she told New York Daily News columnist Harry Siegel that Mandel “was coming home from work and he saw the car at the end of the block and it just made him feel better.”

“And so he started paying again, and then I had a very hard time saying, ‘Don’t do it.’ It’s not necessarily rational, but it is his trauma response, so it’s a complicated one for our family,” Wiley said.

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