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Gov DeSantis Vows to Oppose Any School Board Candidate Who Backs Critical Race Theory

Republican Florida governor continues pledge to keep far-left CRT out of schools

 on 7th June 2021 @ 3.00pm
gov  desantis is ramping up efforts to stop marxist critical race theory being taught in florida schools © press
Gov. DeSantis is ramping up efforts to stop Marxist Critical Race Theory being taught in Florida schools

The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has continued his drive to keep radical-left Marxist curriculum out of his education system by vowing to oppose any school board candidate who supports Critical Race Theory (CRT).

On Saturday, Gov. DeSantis blasted the increasingly popular far-left CRT that is being ushered into school curricula nationwide.

The governor promised he would oppose any Republican school board candidate in Florida who doesn’t outright reject it.

DeSantis made the pledge during a Saturday interview on Fox News's on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.”

DeSantis vowed to take advantage of his “political apparatus” against any Republican school board candidate who supports either mandatory masking for schoolchildren or teaching critical race theory.

“Next week, I have my Commissioner of Education going to the Board of Education banning it, banning any departure from accurate history and following our standards,” he said regarding critical race theory.

critical race theory has been gaining traction nationwide  despite stiff opposition © press
Critical Race Theory has been gaining traction nationwide, despite stiff opposition

"This is something we’ve got to stay on the forefront of," DeSantis told Bongino.

"We’re also, Dan, not going to support any Republican candidate for school board who supports critical race theory in all 67 counties or supports mandatory masking of schoolchildren,” the governor continued.

"As you said, these local elections matter.

"We are going to get the Florida political apparatus involved so we can make sure there’s not a single school board member, Republican, who ever indulges critical race theory,” DeSantis added.


Political consultant Ryan Girdusky, who recently started the 1776 Project PAC to support local school board candidates who oppose critical race theory, praised DeSantis for his position.

Girdusky told The Daily Wire: “Currently, Florida has over a dozen school districts in the state that push the 1619 Project and critical race theory.

"I believe he is serious about his intentions.

"He is the most popular Republican in the state and the 1776 Project PAC would gladly campaign on behalf of school board candidates who oppose critical race theory and have DeSantis’ endorsement.”

president trump is a vocal opponent of critical race theory © press
President Trump is a vocal opponent of Critical Race Theory

DeSantis and Florida have been at the forefront of states fighting back against critical race theory, which DeSantis has before described as a “very harmful” form of “race-based” Marxism.

Asked to respond to the claim that America is “a systemically racist country,” DeSantis told Fox News host Laura Ingraham during a town hall in April that such a proposition isa bunch of horse manure.”

“I mean, give me a break,” DeSantis said to applause from the audience.

"This country has had more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world, and it doesn’t matter where you trace your ancestry from.

“We’ve had people that have been able to succeed.”

“And here’s the problem with things like critical race theory that they’re peddling,” DeSantis continued, pivoting to the controversial academic movement that some states such as Florida and Idaho have taken measures to ban from their public schools.

“They’re basically saying all our institutions are bankrupt, and they’re illegitimate.”

“Okay, so how do you have a society if everything in your society is illegitimate?” asked DeSantis.

“So it’s a very harmful ideology, and I would say, really, a race-based version of a Marxist-type ideology.

"So we’ve banned it in our schools here in Florida.

"We’re not going to put any taxpayer dollars to critical race theory, and we want to treat people as individuals, not as members of groups.”

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