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Australian Teachers Told to Push 'Woke' Agenda, Stop Calling Kids 'Boys & Girls'

New education guidelines tell teachers to focus on 'climate emergency' & 'superdiversity'

 on 4th June 2021 @ 12.00pm
teachers are being told to push leftist talking points onto children © press
Teachers are being told to push leftist talking points onto children

Teachers in Australia have been told they must begin pushing a "woke" agenda onto their students and focus on promoting leftist talking points in the classroom, according to new education guidelines.

The new guidebook urges teachers to stop calling children "boys and girls" and using terms such as "other" and avoid referring to things as "normal" to improve "inclusion."

The policies call on school staff to push fears about the "climate change emergency" onto kids alongside promoting "superdiversity."

The guidebook is edited by academics from Monash University.

In one chapter, the book encourages teachers "to commit to telling the truth about the reality of climate breakdown."

"An associated policy should be used to bring the school community together, drawing on the energy, ideas, and capacities of the school community, even though the policy is likely to be demanding and far-reaching," the book reads.

the guidelines tell teachers to push  climate change emergency  fears onto kids © press
The guidelines tell teachers to push 'climate change emergency' fears onto kids

The guidebook - Building Better Schools with Evidence Based Policy - also tells teachers they can promote inclusion in the classroom if they "actively embrace diversity."

The term "English as a second language" meanwhile should be replaced by the phrase "emergent - bilingual" to give students who speak multiple languages more confidence. 

"Boys and girls" should also be removed from common usage in schools, the book suggests. 

Defending his chapter on climate, academic author Alan Reid said teachers should encourage students to debate the concepts he raises.

"A school can also listen and challenge particular viewpoints, and make clear what stays at the school gate, so to speak, given what the social contract on education is," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Sydney radio broadcaster Kel Richards said trying to remove the word "normal" from classroom usage was certain to fail.

"Whatever they do in the classroom, whatever they say, whatever report comes out, the word ‘normal’ will still be there and we’ll still have a use for it," he said.

 gender neutral  bathrooms are also recommended by the  woke  guidelines © press
'Gender-neutral' bathrooms are also recommended by the 'woke' guidelines

The revelation comes just weeks after it emerged schools in Melbourne were being urged to use gender-neutral pronouns and scrap "mum and dad" in favor of "parent" as part of a campaign to improve inclusivity for LGBTQ students.

Unisex bathrooms, non-gendered sporting teams, and the flying of rainbow flags are also recommended to improve inclusivity.

Some schools are even being encouraged to stop teachers and pupils from using words including mum, dad, and boyfriend in a controversial bid to banish gendered words.

Instead, "parent" and "partner" are preferred.

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