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New York Times: 'GOP Elites' to Blame for Black Lives Matter's Plummeting Popularity

Failing newspaper promotes conspiracy theories behind Marxist group's decline

 on 1st June 2021 @ 1.00am
black lives matter s support has plummeted this year © press
Black Lives Matter's support has plummeted this year

The failing New York Times has claimed that a wild conspiracy by "GOP elites" is responsible for the plummeting popularity of the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization.

The far-left BLM saw its popularity tumble from unprecedented heights over the last year.

However, according to an in-depth profile from the legacy media, the decline is not because Americans learned of its corruption or stated Marxist agenda, but because of “increased politicization by elites” in the Republican Party.

One article in a series the NYT published on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death on May 25, complained that “support among white Americans” for BLM as an organization “has proved both fickle and volatile.”

The lack of support “contradicts the idea that the country underwent a racial reckoning,” the newspaper claims.

While “there has been a net increase in favorability toward Black Lives Matter since 2018,” it “peaked in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death and then swiftly declined,” especially “among Republicans and white Americans, two large and often overlapping groups," according to the article.

support for black lives matter has plummeted this year © press
Support for Black Lives Matter has plummeted this year

The Times later admitted positive views of the BLM organization “did not last long” and “swiftly declined” across every “racial group.”

Rather than blame this universal decline on the BLM organization, the Times blamed the GOP.

“The precipitous decline in support … mirrors the increased politicization of the issue by elites,” the article, by Jennifer Chudy and Hakeem Jefferson, continued.

“In the days and weeks following Floyd’s death, Republican politicians quickly turned attention away from the actions of a murderous police officer to those individuals protesting the injustice.”

Did Republicans “pounce” on BLM, or did the organization — and the demonstrators protesting on its behalf — show their true colors?

BLM rioters injured police officers in 72% of cities that held BLM protests across the U.S. and Canada, according to the Major Cities Chiefs Association. Looting, arson, and vandalism consumed whole neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Atlanta, and dozens of cities around the world.

The property damage costs up to $2 billion and destroyed private churches and businesses.

Worst of all, the riots left at least 25 people dead, including retired policeman David Dorn.

Support may have plummeted, too, as BLM’s agenda came to be known.

Its “What We Believe” page, which has since been scrubbed, initially claimed that BLM exists to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Yet in the Times’ telling, this is just part of America’s growing indifference to Black Lives Matter.

The NYT’s article closed by urging leaders to see to it that “support for Black Lives Matter ultimately translates into policy” at the national level, “rather than the changing of hearts and minds” of American voters.

It added helpfully that “protests” like the ones mentioned above “can pressure elites to pursue tangible legislative action.”

To that end, “coalition-building” between BLM and “Latinx activists” will “prove essential in counteracting the backlash toward B.L.M. observed among some whites and Republicans.”

The article is one of a series of statements in the left-wing media seeking to change the narrative about BLM’s riots and the resulting property damage this summer.

Earlier in the week, New York Times deputy opinion editor Patrick Healy protested on “Morning Joe” that Republican voters only believe “false claims” — like the idea that Black Lives Matter is “Marxist” or that this summer’s protests were violent — because they “live in a Fox News/Newsmax/OAN bubble.”

Their well-coordinated rehabilitation efforts proved poorly timed, as they came just two days before BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors stepped down from the organization.

Cullors, who admitted BLM’s leaders are “trained Marxists,” had been caught spending more than $3.2 million on lavish homes.

She claimed she selflessly scarfed up prime real estate, because “homeownership has always been a way to disrupt white supremacy."

the new york times didn t agree that blm co founder patrisse cullors  lavish lifestyle scandal has played a role © press
The New York Times didn't agree that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors' lavish lifestyle scandal has played a role

Meanwhile, the BLM national office admitted to raking in around $90 million last summer, while local affiliates openly complained that few of the funds trickled down to them.

The legacy media tried to downplay the BLM violence engulfing American cities, insisting the protests were “mostly peaceful.”

But since the inauguration of the Biden-Harris administration, the media have increasingly tried to justify the violence itself.

“Look, this fighting for democracy and against fascism thing has always been a messy business,” said W. Kamau Bell in a segment glorifying Antifa on CNN’s “United Shades of America.”

"And, yes, people get hurt, property gets damaged, and things get confusing."

The New York Times article is just another part of this process.

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