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Texas AG Paxton: 'Only Reason' to Block Voter ID Is to Allow Election Fraud

TX attorney general warns 'we’ll never know if we have secure elections'

 on 31st May 2021 @ 5.00pm
ken paxton says people who oppose voter id want to  cheat © press
Ken Paxton says people who oppose voter ID want to 'cheat'

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has slammed critics of voter ID requirements, noting that the "only reason" anyone would oppose such measures would be to allow election fraud.

AG Paxton warned about the risks of voter fraud during a Sunday appearance on New York City WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable.”

The Republican attorney general discussed the efforts his state and others are making after the 2020 election cycle to ensure voter integrity.

Paxton warned that states such as Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania need to "get their act together” regarding weaknesses in election processes.

He noted that those states need to do more when it comes to signature verification for mail-in voting, otherwise “we’ll never know if we have secure elections.”

A reoccurring argument being pushed by the Left is that requiring a person to produce ID when voting is "racist."

paxton says people object to voter id because they want to cheat in elections © press
Paxton says people object to voter ID because they want to cheat in elections

When asked about the argument that requiring voter ID is discriminatory, Paxton advised, “That’s just a red herring, and it’s just not true.”

He went on to argue that anyone against requiring photo ID to vote wants to allow for others to be able to cheat in elections.

"The only argument that they had was that they claimed it was discriminatory,” Paxton stated.

"The reality is everybody knows that’s not true because you have to have a photo ID [for everyday life].

"We know it’s not discriminatory because everyone knows you have to have a photo ID,” he added.

"The only reason you don’t want people to have a photo ID is that people can cheat.

"That’s the only rational answer as to why certain people want no photo ID requirements.”


AG Paxton has long been battling voter fraud in his state.

In recent years, Paxton has uncovered several instances of election fraud in Texas.

texas ag ken paxton has long been battling voter fraud in his state © press
Texas AG Ken Paxton has long been battling voter fraud in his state

As Neon Nettle previously reported, among numerous other cases, Paxton busted a "voter fraud ring" that was rigging elections on behalf of Democrat candidates.

The all-female gang was apprehended following a federal investigation, with all four women facing felony charges.

The women are accused of being part of what the attorney general’s office called an organized voter fraud ring in Fort Worth, designed to swing elections in favor of the Democrats.

Paxton’s office said the voter fraud charges involve mail-in ballots sent in ahead of the 2016 primary election in Texas, with elderly voters on the north side of Fort Worth being the prime target of the ring.

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