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New 'Gender Nullification Surgery' Lets 'Non-Binary' Patients Have Genitals Removed

Patients can choose 'smooth genital area' or have both a penis and vagina

 on 28th May 2021 @ 3.00pm
 non binary  patients can now choose to have their genitals removed with a new surgery © press
'Non-binary' patients can now choose to have their genitals removed with a new surgery

For those who will never be content with what God gave us, a clinic is offering a new service that allows patients to undergo surgery that makes them appear as neither male nor female.

The new "Gender Nullification Surgery" enables "non-binary" patients to choose between having all of their genitals removed for a "smooth" look, or depending on which way the wind blows, get more genitalia added to have both a penis and vagina.

According to Align Surgical Associates, a medical practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area, “nullification creates a relatively continuous and mostly unbroken transition from the abdomen down into the genital area."

The life-altering surgery allows "gender non-conforming patients to enjoy a body that looks closer on the outside to the way they feel on the inside.” 

To cater for "unique gender identities," the Align medical practice also offers other custom surgeries, including a phallus preserving vaginoplasty, which entails creating a “functional” vagina out of scrotal skin while preserving the phallus.

“This non-standard gender-affirming surgery is an excellent way to align the way you feel on the inside with the way your body looks on the outside, confirming your gender identity and enabling you to live your ideal life,” According to Align’s website.

the surgery allows  non binary  folks to erase their genitals © press
The surgery allows 'non-binary' folks to erase their genitals

They also offer a service for vagina-preserving phalloplasties, which involves the “construction of a new adult phallus, while still preserving the presence of the vaginal canal.”

These patients can achieve “both” forms of genitalia, as photos on the website purport to demonstrate.

Who is a candidate for these procedures?

“The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has standards of care in place that require patients over eighteen have two letters from mental health providers, stating their readiness for surgery," according to the website.

"Clients must be taking hormones and be non-smokers.”

Presumably, deep pockets would also be a requirement.

The website boasts that the phallus-preserving vaginoplasty has been “shown to have a positive, lasting benefit for transmen and nonbinary individuals.”

It is unclear from the website how much longitudinal research has been completed in order to substantiate this sweeping and vague claim.

the news comes amid reports or rising numbers of young people regretting transgender treatments as children © press
The news comes amid reports or rising numbers of young people regretting transgender treatments as children

While some may praise these surgeries for allowing people to pursue their “ideal life,” it certainly raises some serious concerns.

Aside from the choices of the patients, it surely calls into question the wildly predatory nature of these doctors.

It should be plainly evident to anyone, regardless of medical credential, that a person who wants to remove all genitals or add supplementary genitals, is someone who requires far more care and counseling than just superficial plastic surgery.

This news comes on the heels of the shocking 60 Minutes special about young people who regretted undergoing permanent gender reassignment surgery.

Something tells me we can expect to see a lot more regret in the future.

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