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Pennsylvania County Appoints Top Prosecutor for Dominion 'Error' That Hid GOP Ballots

Dominion Voting Machines blamed 'human error' for Republican ballots disappearing

 on 28th May 2021 @ 1.00am
a pa prosecutor has been drafted to investigate the dominion voting  error © press
A PA prosecutor has been drafted to investigate the Dominion voting 'error'

Officials in a Pennsylvania county have appointed a top prosecutor to investigate an "error" that caused Dominion Voting Systems machines to not display Republican ballots.

Voters in Luzerne County raised the alarm after witnessing a ballot only labeled for the Democratic primary on the first screen, which led to confusion.

But ballots would show as Republican when printed, despite only showing a Democrat option on the screen.

Dominion Voting Systems responded to the bombshell discovery by blaming "human error" for its machines failing to display Republican.

The executive vice president of operations at Dominion, Nicole Nollette, concluded the reasons in a special meeting held by the Luzerne County volunteer election board, the Times Leader reported.

But Director of Elections Bob Morgan said the mishap was due to a "coding error" on the Dominion voting machines, which contradicts the "human error" claim.

dominion says  human error  caused its machines to not show republican ballots © press
Dominion says 'human error' caused its machines to not show Republican ballots

"Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused," Nollette said.

However, the 11-member council in Luzerne County voted to investigate the odd voting machine error.

“County DA Sam Sanguedolce was not in attendance but said Tuesday night his office will investigate any allegations of potential criminal conduct relating to the May primary,” the Times Leader reported.

“He said his predecessor, Stefanie Salavantis, created an Election Fraud Task Force that remains intact and will review anything forwarded to the office.”

“Without integrity in our elections, the public cannot trust the remainder of our democratic process,” Sanguedolce said.

Dominion Voting Systems provided a familiar explanation for the anomaly, which targeted Republican ballots.

“Dominion Voting Systems Inc., which supplied and programs the devices, said ‘human error’ at the company caused the data entry typographical mistake that put a Democratic header at the top of Republican ballots,” the report continued.

“The county administration also acknowledged the county did not test the ballots after they were programmed into the machines, relying on the company to do that task.”

Luzerne County thus relied on Dominion to run the election, according to Becker News.

During the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County, it came out that the election officials did not even have passwords to the voting machines.

Therefore, it seems Maricopa County didn’t even run the election and Dominion effectively did.

“[Republican Council Member Walter] Griffith’s resolution asks the DA’s office to investigate Dominion’s practices and procedures in programming and set-up of the primary ballot, the county election bureau’s review and testing and the election board’s role in election equipment oversight and security,” the Times Leader continued.

 if there is no criminal activity  the da can report that so voters have reassurance   republican council member walter griffith said © press
'If there is no criminal activity, the DA can report that so voters have reassurance,' Republican Council Member Walter Griffith said

The DA’s office and its detectives have the power to investigate and come back with findings, Griffith said.

"If there is no criminal activity, the DA can report that so voters have reassurance,” the Times Leader reported him as saying.

As the Washington Post recently pointed out, “state leaders, Dominion officials and local residents” are now trying to block election audits from taking place across the country.

A top prosecutor being appointed to investigate the functioning of Dominion’s voting machines is a major development in U.S. elections.

It will be very interesting to many voters how the results of the investigation turn out.

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