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Prominent Black Lives Matter Activist Shot in the Head

BLM UK leader Sasha Johnson in critical condition after London shooting

 on 24th May 2021 @ 1.00pm
blm leader sasha johnson has been shot in the head in london © press
BLM leader Sasha Johnson has been shot in the head in London

A leading British Black Lives Matter activist is fighting for her life in hospital after being shot in the head, according to reports.

The shooting occurred in the early hours of Sunday close to a London house party.

Sasha Johnson, the self-styled "Black Panther of Oxford," was "brutally" attacked after receiving multiple death threats, her political party said.

Supporters of the far-left activist insist the shooting was "a result of her activism."

However, the Metropolitan Police disputed the allegations, insisting there is nothing to suggest it was a targeted attack or that the victim had received any credible threats against her before the shooting at around 3 am yesterday.

Detectives said the shooting took place close to a house party in Peckham, southeast London, and are appealing for witnesses who were in Consort Road in the early hours.

police closed off a street as they investigate the shooting © press
Police closed off a street as they investigate the shooting

Forensics officers had sealed off an area of the street outside a large Victorian property next to one of the area's famous railway arches.  

Ms. Johnson, a mother-of-two Oxford Brookes graduate, rose to prominence after organizing BLM protests and anti-police rallies last summer.

She is said to be currently in intensive care and in a critical condition in a South London hospital following the attack.

The BBC reported that Johnson, 27, is also a leading member of the country’s radical-left Taking the Initiative Party, which the report said is considered Britain’s first "Black-led political party."

Her party appealed to the public to pray for her recovery. 

The Guardian reported that Johnson is recognized as one of the UK's leading BLM activists. 

The paper also pointed to Claudia Webbe, a Labour MP, who took to Twitter after the shooting to call the incident involving Johnson "shocking."

"All women should b safe on our streets," she tweeted.

"Wishing her a full recovery.

"Sending love and solidarity to her family, friends and loved ones.

"There are still too many guns and violent weapons damaging too many lives #BLM."

radical left activist sasha johnson rose to prominence for organizing blm protests and anti police rallies © press
Radical-left activist Sasha Johnson rose to prominence for organizing BLM protests and anti-police rallies

Johnson's political group said she had previously received death threats as a result of her BLM campaigning. 

In a statement, the TTIP wrote: "It is with great sadness that we inform you that our own Sasha Johnson has been brutally attacked and sustained a gunshot wound to her head.

"She is currently in intensive care and in a critical condition.

"The attack happened in the early hours of this morning, following numerous death threats as a result of her activism.

"Sasha has always been actively fighting for black people and the injustices that surround the black community, as well as being both a member of BLM and a member of Taking the Initiative Party's Executive Leadership Committee. 

"Sasha is also a mother of 3 and a strong, powerful voice for our people and our community.

"Let's all come together and pray for Sasha, pray for her recovery and show our support to her family and loved ones. #prayforsashajohnson."

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