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CNN Host Praises Antifa Violence While Admitting Innocent People 'Get Hurt'

W. Kamau Bell declares far-left violent rioting is equal to defeating Hitler

 on 19th May 2021 @ 7.00pm
cnn host w  kamau bell is celebrating antifa violence © press
CNN host W. Kamau Bell is celebrating Antifa violence

CNN host W. Kamau Bell has heaped praise on violent radical-left group Antifa, despite admitting that innocent people "get hurt" by their actions.

On CNN’s “United Shades of America,” host Bell claimed the leftists' destructive rioting is on par with allied forces defeating Nazi leader Adolph Hitler during World War II.

He then compared Antifa to a beloved children’s music star, sanitized their violence, and implied the rioting is worth it, even if “people get hurt.”

The show concluded with a claim that former Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X was killed by white supremacists.

Bell devoted a segment of his most recent show to Antifa, whose violent nature has been a matter of record for years.

“In 2020, many white Americans dealt with complicated feelings about the police for the first time,” Bell insisted.

w  kamau bell suggested that antifa s violent rioting is a noble cause © press
W. Kamau Bell suggested that Antifa's violent rioting is a noble cause

“The right-wing saw that, and they [sic] did what they do: They pulled a bait-and-switch, and returned to an old boogeyman: Antifa,” he claimed.

To short-circuit that racial reckoning, Bell claimed, conservatives preyed on their audience’s ignorance and support for traditional occupations like the police.

“Images of people clad in black fighting in the streets was an easy idea to sell to people who say things like, ‘Blue Lives Matter',” said Bell.

“Ain’t nobody blue,” he added.

Bell then sanitized the aims and intentions of the frequently riotous, international movement.

“‘Antifa’ is short for anti-fascist,” he said, echoing fellow CNN personality Don Lemon to promote the misleading left-wing talking point.

“If you’re unsure how you feel about that, picture a table: On one side of the table is Hitler and Mussolini, and on the other side is the popular [children’s] performer Raffi.”

“Which side of the table you sitting on?” he asked.

“I’m with Raffi.”

Bell then met with two members of Portland’s Antifa movement, saying snarkily, “Oh, Tucker’s gonna be so mad.”

According to The Daily Wire, in 2017, Fox News host Tucker Carlson played footage of Bell egging on an Antifa crowd and accused him of “peddling hate” and “stoking violent extremism as a side gig.”

Perhaps referring to Joe Biden, Bell told the two Antifa members that “a lot of people on the Left have done a lot of work to say, ‘Antifa is not a group; it’s an ideology’ — and then, you guys actually are a group.”

After presenting the two disguised members of the group — one male, one female — as charming and sensitive, Bell conceded that Antifa has a long history of unleashing violence and injury in its wake.

“Look, this fighting for democracy and against fascism thing has always been a messy business,” Bell said.

"And, yes, people get hurt, property gets damaged, and things get confusing."

Portland protesters like the two featured on Bell’s show have caused $2.3 million in damage to the city’s buildings alone, according to Newsweek.

But, Bell said, Martin Luther King Jr. died violently.

In addition to hand-to-hand combat, Bell’s guests said that Antifa doxxes people saying what they consider to be “violent, racist, disgusting things” while “hoping they get fired, or have to find a new job,” or get shunned by their in-laws.

Bell capped off the segment by claiming that Malcolm X was one of America’s “black icons assassinated by white supremacy.”

Bell was apparently referring to a supposed deathbed “confession” by former NYPD cop Raymond Wood.

A letter allegedly written by Wood and revealed posthumously this February by his cousin, Reggie Wood, claimed that the NYPD worked with the FBI to entrap and arrest two of Malcolm X’s security guards, to set him up for assassination.

But one of the two guards no longer guarded Malcolm X at the time of the arrest, and the other guarded only the leader’s empty house.

The letter has Wood refer to himself by the wrong job title; Wood’s daughter says the signature is a forgery; and “historians don’t believe it,” according to The Washington Post.

w  kamau bell has previously given a speech at an antifa rally © press
W. Kamau Bell has previously given a speech at an Antifa rally

In reality, three members of the Nation of Islam — Thomas Hagan (Mujahid Abdul Halim), Norman 3X Butler (Muhammad Abdul Aziz), and Thomas Johnson (Khalil Islam) — gunned down Malcolm X on February 21, 1965, for rejecting the sect’s more hardcore racist teachings.

But then, blame-shifting and gaslighting about left-wing violence seemed to be the point of Bell’s show.

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