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Joe Biden Directly Linked to Hunter's Shady Business Deals, New Emails Show

Hunter emails discuss 'wealth creation' and 'future earnings potential' for his father

 on 18th May 2021 @ 1.00am
newly uncovered hunter biden email link joe biden to his business dealings © press
Newly uncovered Hunter Biden email link Joe Biden to his business dealings

Newly discovered emails have emerged from Hunter Biden that directly link Democrat Joe Biden to his son's shady foreign business dealings, according to reports.

The emails show Hunter and an associate discussing plans to cut then-Vice President Joe Biden into their business deals.

The bombshell emails raise new questions about the Biden family's potentially corrupt conduct while Joe was serving as Obama's VP.

“In order to develop this as a platform for both JRBs I think it is imperative we (the three of us) have full control come 2016 when JRB1 comes on board,” Hunter Biden told Jeff Cooper in a 2014 email.

“JRB” refers to Joseph Robinette Biden, the current president.

“I think we can pull this off,” Cooper assured Hunter.

hunter biden has hit the jackpot  thanks to his father s access to the white house © press
Hunter Biden has hit the jackpot, thanks to his father's access to the White House

In a list of desired compensation, Hunter specified that Beau would require “500+” to work as a law partner, noting that he had medical bills, according to The Daily Wire.

Beau died in 2015 of brain cancer.

Cooper is the founder of an investment firm called Eudora Global and CEO of an “international online gaming enterprise” called Ocho Global.

He was also “founder of SimmonsCooper Andrew, a law firm that specializes in complex, high-value litigation,” a professional biography says.

Before Beau became attorney general of Delaware, Beau’s law firm worked with Cooper’s on asbestos lawsuits.

As Senate Judiciary Committee member, Biden blocked reform of asbestos lawsuits, the Madison Record reported.

In 2010, Cooper entered into an agreement with Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners.

"Eudora agrees to partner with Seneca on various projects dealing with both domestic and international transactions,” the agreement said.

"On such projects, Seneca will receive 25% of Eudora’s share of equity in said projects.

"Seneca agrees to utilize it’s [sic] wide array of knowledge and relationships to aid the projects to the best of it’s [sic] ability."

In 2011, President Barack Obama invited Cooper to the White House to dine with the Korean president.

Cooper was involved with Hunter and his much-scrutinized dealings in the Ukraine, where Hunter was reportedly paid some $50,000 a month to sit on the board of gas company Burisma, and other dark corners of the world.

In a March 2015 email with the subject line “Burisma,” Cooper asked Hunter: “Any idea what their Mx plans are going to be?”

Emails show Cooper and Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer attempting to broker a deal between Burisma and PEMEX, a state-owned Mexican petroleum company.

Archer was later convicted of fraud related to a different deal.

Hunter wrote to Cooper in 2013, “I told Devon he should come next week to MC.

"I want to loop him into what we are working on and I would like you both to get to know each other better. I trust him 100% and would want him involved regardless. Is that OK?”

“Sure man. Whatever you want,” Cooper said.

“I want love peace and harmony and a jet,” Hunter replied.

Cooper served as an intermediary for Miguel Aleman Magnani, a Mexican billionaire whose father was once a Mexican governor.

He wrote of Aleman in 2014:

“He wants us to try to bring a Burisma exec with us on our trip (which he is still trying to figure out exact timing).

"He says the Pemex CEO was extremely excited about their potential involvement and has 'a perfect project' for them.

"What are your thoughts on that?”

Additionally, in 2014, Hunter Biden sent an email to a White House staffer: “Hey buddy.

"Do you have pictures from the lunch I had in dad’s office (I think on 2/26) with Miguel Alleman [sic] Sr. And Jr. And Jeff Cooper?”

Earlier in 2013, another associate connected Cooper and Hunter to a potential Latin American contact, stating: “I want to introduce Hunter Biden and Jeff Cooper to you, who are investing in several technology sectors, and more recently in the gaming/gambling one.

"They are interested in exploring the Chilean market.”

joe biden has been links several times to his son hunter s shady foreign business dealings in china and ukraine © press
Joe Biden has been links several times to his son Hunter's shady foreign business dealings in China and Ukraine

Cooper and Hunter Biden hoped to hold parties with billionaires across the globe to create “a global cooperation group that will assist each other in our respective regions in whatever manner possible.”

“We need a Canadian billionaire and a certified American billionaire to ad[d] to list,” Hunter Biden said.

"Also I think the Phillipines, Israel, Turkey and UAE (maybe Youssef Al’Otiaba).

"We could drop Colombia and or Argentina. Finally, an African preferably from Ghana or Tanzania."

When 2016 rolled around, Joe Biden invited Hunter Biden and Cooper to join him on a trip to Mexico.

The emails are the latest to be revealed from Hunter's "laptop from hell," the contents of which were leaked to the media last year.

Rudy Giuliani, the onetime lawyer for President Donald Trump who received a copy of Hunter’s laptop hard drive from the repair store owner, said last month that when the FBI raided his apartment on a search warrant, agents took other hard drives, but refused to take the device he told them contained Hunter’s files.

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