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Biden Blocks Trump Order Honoring Hundreds in ‘Garden of American Heroes’

President Trump's plan to memorialize influential Americans is scrapped by Biden

 on 15th May 2021 @ 4.00pm
joe biden has scrapped trump s plan to honor hundreds of american heroes © press
Joe Biden has scrapped Trump's plan to honor hundreds of American heroes

Democrat Joe Biden has blocked an order by President Donald Trump to honor hundreds of influential American heroes.

On Friday, Biden rescinded Trump's plan to build a “National Garden of American Heroes.”

President Trump's popular plan sought to memorialize America's greatest patriots but Biden has now killed the order without explanation.

“Biden just officially revoked the executive order for the ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ that Trump signed last year,” CNN’s Kevin Liptak tweeted.

Trump announced plans to build the garden last year and rolled out over 200 names of famous Americans whose statues would fill the monument in January.

trump planned to build a  national garden of american heroes © press
Trump planned to build a 'National Garden of American Heroes'

The statue garden was one of Trump’s final initiatives before exiting the White House, according to The Daily Wire.

The garden was to include Americans from every era of U.S. history from founding father Benjamin Franklin to longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek.

“Across this Nation, belief in the greatness and goodness of America has come under attack in recent months and years by a dangerous anti-American extremism that seeks to dismantle our country’s history, institutions, and very identity,” Trump said in his order.

"The heroes of 1776 have been desecrated, with statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin vandalized and toppled.

"The dead who gave their lives to end slavery and save the Union during the Civil War have been dishonored, with monuments to Abraham Lincoln, Hans Christian Heg, and the courageous 54th Regiment left damaged and disfigured.

"The brave warriors who saved freedom from Nazi fascism have been disgraced with a memorial to World War II veterans defaced with the hammer and sickle of Soviet communism.”

"The National Garden is America’s answer to this reckless attempt to erase our heroes, values, and entire way of life.

"On its grounds, the devastation and discord of the moment will be overcome with abiding love of country and lasting patriotism.

"This is the American way,” President Trump continued.

“When the forces of anti-Americanism have sought to burn, tear down, and destroy, patriots have built, rebuilt, and lifted up.

"That is our history.

"America responded to the razing of the White House by building it back in the same place with unbroken resolve, to the murders of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., with a national temple and the Stone of Hope, and to the terrorism of 9/11 with a new Freedom Tower.

"In keeping with this tradition, America is responding to the tragic toppling of monuments to our founding generation and the giants of our past by commencing a new national project for their restoration, veneration, and celebration.”

president trump sought to memorialize america s greatest heroes before he left office © press
President Trump sought to memorialize America's greatest heroes before he left office

Trump signed the order in part to counter activists and rioters who had attacked in recent months statues honoring past Americans such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they had owned slaves.

He also signed the order to counter-narratives about American history such as those pushed by The New York Times’ “1619 Project” claiming that the U.S. owes all progress to slavery, rather than its ideas of freedom and self-government.

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