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Candace Owens Slams Chrissy Teigen as 'Sick' after More 'Deranged' Bullying Emerges

Liberal activist targeted several women and children, including 9-year-old girl

 on 14th May 2021 @ 3.00pm
candace owens blasted chrissy teigen as  massive  disgusting hypocrite © press
Candace Owens blasted Chrissy Teigen as 'massive, disgusting hypocrite'

Conservative commentator Candace Owens has slammed liberal activist Chrissy Teigen as "sick" after it emerged that she sent bullying messages to several women and children.

On Wednesday, Teigen was forced to issue an apology after it emerged that she was bullying a teenager and pressuring the then-16-year-old to kill herself.

The 35-year-old model and wife of singer John Legend admitted she bullied then-minor Courtney Stodden by repeatedly sending her abuse on Twitter.

In a slew of abusive messages in 2011, Teigen had encouraged the former teen bride to commit suicide.

Following reports about the bullying of Stodden, more allegations of abuse by Teigen against several female celebrities have emerged.

The youngest she allegedly targetted was a 9-year-old girl.

bullying tweets from chrissy teigen reemerged earlier this week © press
Bullying tweets from Chrissy Teigen reemerged earlier this week

Weighing in on the unfolding drama, firebrand Owens took to Twitter to criticize Teigen's attempt to apologize.

"Chrissy Teigen has offered a public apology to Courtney Stodden for encouraging her to commit suicide as a teenager, but ONLY because I blew the story up," Owens fired.

"The media has given Chrissy a pass for YEARS as she has monstrously attacked people, repeatedly simply for just existing."

Owens then posted a number of historic tweets from Chrissy showing her to have attacked other female celebrities in the past.

One sent to Lindsay Lohan in 2011 read: "Lindsay Lohan adds a few more slits to her wrist when she sees Emma stone."

While another tweet targeted Sarah Palin, reading: "Listen. I don't want much from sarah palin.

"I just want her to admit partial fault then shoot herself in the face. is that wrong?"

Other users have shared a post from Teigen in 2018 where she criticized the contestants on the reality show America's Next Top Model.

"God. Can we just come out and call the freaking show America's next top tr***y because this s***t has been t****tastic for the past five years," she tweeted.

She also mocked Demi Lovato's addiction issues by tweeting: "Demi Lovato is out of rehab!

"I hope she's made the bed for Charlie."

Chrissy also tweeted that she felt like Lady Gaga "with lady parts" and said Mariah Carey looked as though "there were 2-15 babies growing inside her," when the singer announced her pregnancy.

Another tweet directed at Canadian singer Avril Lavigne said: "If u told me I could have a kid but it would be exactly like Avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die."

In response, Owens called on Target to drop Teigen’s cookware line from their stores.

“How does any corporation in the world sponsor or deal with a woman who tells TEENAGERS that she fantasizes about them being dead?” Owens posted to Instagram this week.

“[Chrissy Teigen] told a 16 year old that they should commit suicide. 

"How is she not beyond cancelled by now?”

“She is a deranged human being who should be wiped from the internet by Facebook/Twitter standards,” she added.

Owens on Thursday reiterated her concerns about Teigen, whom she called a “sick, sick puppy.”

“Chrissy Teigen, a vile woman who Hollywood and the media who have been complicit in empowering — has a suicide fantasy for everyone,” Owens wrote, captioning old tweets from Teigen.

“This trash human being has targeted young woman [sic] FOR YEARS who have done nothing to her other than exist.”

“Hollywood has paraded her around as John Legend’s ‘hilarious non-politically correct wife,'” Owens continued, adding:

Lindsay Lohan slit her wrists and Chrissy Teigen mocked her for it.

Courtney Stodden existed and Chrissy begged her to kill herself.

Sarah Palin is a conservative so Chrissy asked her to shoot herself in the face.

“Are suicide and self-harm hilarious to all of the brands that sponsor this abhorrent woman?” the conservative author questioned.

“What about all of you celebrities who spent the last four years crying about Trump’s mean tweets?

"Where are you now?”

“[Target] — you routinely claim to be a store that is focused on social responsibility,” Owens closed her post.

“Do the right thing, stand up for young woman [sic] and teenagers who are being mentally abused, and DROP [Chrissy Teigen].”


courtney stodden revealed that chrissy teigen was bullying her into committing suicide © press
Courtney Stodden revealed that Chrissy Teigen was bullying her into committing suicide

Later on Thursday, Target announced it is no longer selling Teigen’s cookware in their stores.

“The retailer has pulled her Cravings cookware line from its website,” a Fox Business report outlined Thursday.

“However, her trio of Cravings cookbooks remain available on the site.”

“We made the mutual decision in December to no longer carry the cookware line, given our continued focus on brands we develop and that can only be found at Target,” the company said in a statement.

It remains unclear when the cookware was pulled, but according to a source at TMZ, it was removed in April.

However, The Sun suggested Thursday that the products were “scrubbed” from Target’s website following the Stodden scandal.

"Great news!" Owens said as she celebrated the report on Thursday.

"[Target] has removed Chrissy Teigen’s cookware line from their site after she tried to convince multiple women to kill themselves.

"This is a good start.”

Whether leftist Teigen will truly be held accountable is another matter though.

Just imagine the scandal if it was Ivanka Trump who has sent the same bullying messages...

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