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Biden Slammed as the 'Next Jimmy Carter' Over His Disastrous Economy

Latest jobs report shows American economy getting pummelled under Joe Biden

 on 8th May 2021 @ 6.00pm
joe biden has been compared to jimmy carter over his disastrous economy © press
Joe Biden has been compared to Jimmy Carter over his disastrous economy

Democrat Joe Biden has been slammed as "the next Jimmy Carter" after the latest jobs report shows the U.S. economy is taking a hammering under his leadership.

The disastrous report was published Friday and shows the American economy missed projections by more than 700,000 jobs for the month of April.

Economists were left stunned by the figures which left experts warning that America's economic recovery is "way worse than expected."

Biden has struggled to respond to the news, which came as a shock to the White House and to financial analysts.

One CNBC host even remarked that the numbers must be wrong because they were so low.

Instead of admitting to the issue, however, Biden attempted to claim that the worrying figures are all part of his administration's plan.

joe biden recently met with jimmy carter © press
Joe Biden recently met with Jimmy Carter

“Today, there’s more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction,” Biden claimed.

“This month’s job numbers show we’re on the right track,” he added.

Perhaps the top response to the jobs report came from Donald Trump Jr., who wrote on Twitter: “Biden isn’t the next FDR, he’s the next Jimmy Carter.”

Financial analyst Charles Payne tweeted: “Congratulations President Biden – you have achieved the progressive utopia.

"At least 7.4 million job openings but only 266,000 people got a job last month.”

Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State and former CIA Director, tweeted: “The April jobs report illustrates what we already knew — our America First administration was bringing jobs back and building the strongest economy we’ve had in decades.

"Biden’s big government economy is crushing jobs.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted: “Today’s jobs report is a disappointment—just like President Biden’s plan to burden families with more taxes & more debt.

"While Dems trap people in a cycle of fear & pay them NOT to work, it’s clear the best thing to do is end the crisis-era policies & get Americans back to work.”

Other top responses include:

  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Disappointing jobs numbers. The Biden economy fell short of their 1M goal and came in at 266k. Tax hikes and increased regulations never create jobs!”
  • Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): “Raising taxes. Spending more money. Increasing regulations. That’s not a recipe for economic recovery. But it’s President Biden’s plan.”
  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): “Biden’s April jobs report is the worst miss in 23 years…Even under Obama, it wasn’t that bad.”

The black unemployment rate increased, 18,000 manufacturing jobs were lostno construction jobs were added, unemployment for Americans without any college education increased, and women had a net loss in jobs, according to The Daily Wire.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that nearly 10 million Americans, 9.8 million to be exact, remained unemployed in Biden’s economy.

 biden isn   t the next fdr  he   s the next jimmy carter   donald trump jr  said © press
'Biden isn’t the next FDR, he’s the next Jimmy Carter,' Donald Trump Jr. said

Here is a sample of how news organizations across the political spectrum handled the news:

  • Fast Company: “Sorry, but today’s jobs report sucked. Here’s what you need to know”
  • The New York Times: “The Jobs Report: The Boom That Wasn’t”
  • The Washington Post: “Economy picked up just 266,000 jobs in April, well below expectations as economy struggles to rebound”
  • Yahoo News: “April jobs report: Payrolls rose by 266,000, sharply missing estimates, as unemployment rate increased to 6.1%”
  • Slate: “The Jobs Report Was Shockingly Bad. Please Don’t Overreact.”
  • Vox: “Don’t freak out about the jobs report yet”
  • Fox Business: “US hiring sharply misses expectations in April with just 266,000 new jobs added”
  • CNN Business: “Major disappointment: America added way fewer jobs than expected in April”
  • Axios: “U.S. adds just 266,000 jobs in April, far below expectations”
  • MSNBC: “Job growth in April falls short, jolts debate over Biden’s plans”
  • Newsweek: “Joe Biden’s April Jobs Report Posts Biggest Miss During Presidency”

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