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Biden Pushing for Social Media Platforms to Censor More Content

White House reveals Biden's desire for Big Tech to block 'untrustworthy content'

 on 7th May 2021 @ 1.00pm
joe biden wants social media companies to censor more content © press
Joe Biden wants social media companies to censor more content

Democrat Joe Biden is pushing for social media companies to censor even more content on their platforms, the White House has revealed.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says Biden supports social media companies blocking more content considered “untrustworthy” on their platforms.

Psaki declined to say whether Biden supports social media companies continuing to ban President Donald Trump from their platforms.

But she did reiterate Biden’s support for more censorship, however.

Biden believes that social media companies have a “responsibility” to block any content deemed questionable, Psaki said.

“His view is that there is more that needs to be done to ensure that this type of misinformation, disinformation, damaging, sometimes life-threatening information is not going out to the American public,” she added.

jen psaki says joe biden wants social media to block americans from viewing more content © press
Jen Psaki says Joe Biden wants social media to block Americans from viewing more content

Psaki singled out content questioning the results of elections, the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and the effort to get Americas vaccinated as “misinformation” that should be scrutinized.

“The president’s view is that the major platforms have a responsibility related to the health and safety of all Americans," she said.

Big Tech companies must "stop amplifying untrustworthy content, disinformation, and misinformation, especially related to COVID-19, vaccinations, and elections,” she added.


During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden enjoyed several attempts by social media companies to block damaging stories about him and his family from spreading online.

Both Twitter and Facebook blocked legitimate negative news reports about Biden from being viewed by voters on their platforms, while President Trump's accounts were heavily targeted by "content moderators" who placed warnings on his posts.

joe biden wants companies like facebook to censor even more content © press
Joe Biden wants companies like Facebook to censor even more content

When asked about concerns that social media companies were not honoring the First Amendment value of free speech, Psaki suggested it did not apply to online “misinformation.”

“Well look, I think we are, of course, a believer in First Amendment rights,” she said.

“I think what the decisions are that the social media platforms need to make is how they address the disinformation, misinformation, especially related to life-threatening issues, like COVID-19 and vaccinations that continue to proliferate on their platforms.”

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