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Olympics Bans 'Black Lives Matter' Clothing During Games

International Olympic Committee threatens to punish athletes who protest

 on 5th May 2021 @ 7.00pm
athletes are banned from promoting the radical left black lives matter agenda © press
Athletes are banned from promoting the radical-left Black Lives Matter agenda

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned athletes from promoting radical-left agendas by banning any clothing that bears Black Lives Matter slogans or branding during the upcoming Tokyo games.

Athletes will not be allowed to wear apparel with Black Lives Matter logos or slogans that promote the Marxist group at this year's Tokyo Olympic Games, and those who attempt to protest at the event will be punished, the IOC warned.

The governing body reiterated that it plans to enforce the Games’ “Rule 50” to tackle political protests, made popular during Western sports events over the past year.

Rule 50 bans political or social justice protests of any kind at the international athletic event, due to take place in just a few weeks' time.

The IOC’s rules against “slogans” with a political or social justice meaning are “granular” this year, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The IOC has now taken the extra step by specifically banning apparel bearing the name of the far-left Black Lives Matter organization.

the international olympic committee has specifically banned  black lives matter  clothing at the tokyo olympics © press
The International Olympic Committee has specifically banned 'Black Lives Matter' clothing at the Tokyo Olympics

"The International Olympic Committee got very granular with what is not allowed,” the AP noted.

"It said specifically that the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ will be banned from athlete apparel at the Summer Olympics.

“It’s part of the IOC’s long-standing ban on ‘demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda’ on the playing field, the medal stand or during the Games’ official ceremonies.”

Instead, athletes will be pressed to wear apparel with more “generic words,” like “peace,” “respect,” “solidarity,” “inclusion,” and “equality,” per the report.

The Olympic Committee said in April that it plans on enforcing its Rule 50 and that athletes who raise a fist or “take a knee” — a form of protest popular at athletic events in the United States — will face repercussions.

Rule 50 says that “no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”

“The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday announced that it will enforce its rule banning athletes from demonstrating at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, noting that kneeling or raising a fist will bring swift punishment,” The Daily Wire reported.

“In a report explaining its decision, the IOC said it conducted a survey of more than 3,500 international athletes across the globe over the last year and found that ‘a clear majority of athletes believe that it is not appropriate for athletes to demonstrate or express their views’ during the Games.”

The IOC has not committed to any specific form of punishment for athletes who protest and says it will determine appropriate measures on a case-by-case basis.

If the IOC does punish an athlete, The World Players Association, an international union for athletes, says it will defend that athlete.

“Any athlete sanctioned at the Tokyo Olympics will have the full backing of the World Players,” the union’s director told the AP.

Global Athlete also told athletes that it would “not allow outdated ‘sports rules’ to supersede your basic human rights.”

“We envision an Olympics where the athletes are the center of the show, more than the host country or the politics around it or the sponsors,” a spokesperson for Global Athlete told the AP.

“It is this huge spectacle where the athletes are an afterthought.”

the ioc warned that athletes who promote blm or their marxist agenda with be punished © press
The IOC warned that Athletes who promote BLM or their Marxist agenda with be punished

Olympians from the United States have yet to say whether they will protest at the Tokyo Olympic Games, but the American Olympic committee announced in March that it will not take action against athletes who raise fists or take a knee during the U.S. Olympic trials.

“Athletes,” The Daily Wire reported, “will be allowed to raise their fists or kneel during the national anthem, and athletes will be allowed to wear ‘hats or face masks’ with specific political phrases like ‘Black Lives Matter.’ …

"Athletes are prevented from wearing any recognized hate symbol and cannot protest by impeding the field of play or by causing trouble for other athletes during competition.”

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