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School Goes 'Woke,' Bans Teachers Calling 3-Year-Olds 'Boys and Girls'

Parents outraged as children told to report 'sexist' language such as 'let's go guys'

 on 29th April 2021 @ 12.00pm
the school has banned gendered language and told kids to report teachers that use it © press
The school has banned gendered language and told kids to report teachers that use it

A school has prompted outrage among parents after banning teachers from using non-woke phrases such as "good morning, boys and girls" and "let's go guys."

The Anderton Park school in Moseley, Birmingham, UK, has also told children to report teachers who use the "offensive" language.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the headteacher at the helm of the controversial school, banned the "sexist" terms because she claims they are damaging to children.

The school's students, who are as young as three, are taught to flag the terms if they hear them, with those who find the most "sexist" phrases given certificates as rewards at the end of each week.

The scheme has sparked a backlash among parents and critics, however, with broadcaster Nana Akua calling the move "absolutely ridiculous."

"I'd be very worried if this woman was teaching my kids," she told Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

the anderton park school banned the  offensive  terms in a push to teach 3 year olds to be more  woke © press
The Anderton Park school banned the 'offensive' terms in a push to teach 3-year-olds to be more 'woke'

"What I think we're doing here is creating a generation of wallflower kids who are listening for an offense," Akua added.

Two years ago Anderton School was at the center of a furious storm when Muslim parents and children protested against lessons on gay relationships.   

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Ms. Hewitt-Clarkson said "sexist" language was damaging to children. 

She told the show: "Fast forward a little bit to when the children are older just to see why this is so important because it's a tiny part of a huge jigsaw.

"We've seen in the last year the biggest ever rise in child abuse, in grooming, and if our boys and girls grow up and in school we don't challenge this sexist language and boys are told, 'man up,' 'grow a pair,' 'don't cry,' 'boys don't cry,' - it's very damaging for them and abusers later on potentially, or bullies, people they walk past on the way home from school - will also use this fear.

"And fear is the biggest weapon that abusers have and if boys are told, 'boys aren't afraid,' 'boys don't get scared,' 'boys don't talk about their feelings,' then where are they going to go when they are afraid and they are frightened?"

But the revelation sparked a heated debate on social media, with one parent tweeting: "I'd quite like school to teach my kids to read and write etc.

"I don't need them wasting time on banning phrases like 'morning guys'. 

"Far too much time and energy wasted on ridiculous things."

And broadcaster Nana Akua blasted the move:

"I go to schools and I lecture in schools and I talk to the kids - can you imagine if I went to her school and said, 'good morning guys'?

"It is getting to the point where we are losing a grip here. We need to be looking at the context of language and that's what I'll be teaching my children. 

"To say 'good morning guys' if you're actually seriously picking that apart then I feel that perhaps your energy is in the wrong place. 

"Really we should be teaching kids the context of language and how to use language that is non-offensive. 

"If you take something out of a context and dissect all the bits and pieces you will find yourself in a black hole so let's take the word 'mankind' - does she allow that?"

the schools has a history of triggering outrage from parents © press
The schools has a history of triggering outrage from parents

Two years ago, parents staged a series of demonstrations against the controversial "No Outsiders" curriculum program at Anderton Park Primary School.

The aim of the No Outsiders program was to teach students about the positive values of diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, as well as LGBT rights, same-sex relationships, gender identity, race, religion, and color. 

More than 80 percent of the pupils at Anderton primary are Muslim. 

They handed out leaflets that declared: "We DO NOT believe in homosexuality.

"Parents do NOT want their children's belief changed."

Others read, "This programme promotes a whole-school gay ethos" and "You can't be gay and Muslim."

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