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Republican Introduces Bill to Block Taxpayer Money Funding Forced Abortions in China

Rep. Chip Roy's legislation blocks funds going to United Nations Population Fund (UNPF)

 on 22nd April 2021 @ 3.00pm
the bill blocks the federal government from sending taxpayer money to fund forced abortions in china © press
The bill blocks the federal government from sending taxpayer money to fund forced abortions in China

Republican Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has introduced a bill that will block American taxpayer money from being used to fund forced abortions in China.

Roy's legislation strips federal funding from the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF).

The international program is openly complicit in the Chinese Communist Party’s two-child policy and other inhumane population control tactics.

The bill, titled the “No Taxpayer Funding for the UN Population Fund Act,” permanently prohibits U.S. tax dollars from going toward funding the communist regime’s forced abortions and sterilizations.

As a senator in 1985, Joe Biden voted against funding the UNPF.

However, Biden has recently moved forward to reinstate the funding that President Donald Trump rolled back because of UNPF’s ties to Communist China.

the legislation was introduced by rep  chip roy  r tx © press
The legislation was introduced by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX)

"American tax dollars should never directly or indirectly support taking of innocent human life through abortion or the dehumanizing act of involuntary sterilization, and they certainly shouldn’t be used to support the oppressive, America-hating Chinese Communist Party in any way whatsoever,” Roy said in a press release.

"Former President Trump was right to stop funding the UN Population Fund due to their open partnership with the oppressive Chinese regime and their support for China’s atrocious human rights violations.

"This legislation will continue that policy.”

As The Federalist reported:

Since 1985, presidents have had discretion under the Kemp-Kasten Amendment to withhold funds from any organization that supports or participates in coercive abortions or involuntary sterilizations.

Under this provision, the United States has withheld funds from the UNFPA in 18 of the past 36 years.

All of these presidential determinations have been based on the UNFPA’s cooperation with the Chinese government.

A Jamestown Foundation report found funds from the Chinese central government went towards funding sterilizations in Xinjiang, sufficient for almost 200,000 sterilizations.

The UNFPA should not be partnering on “family planning” efforts with a government that brutally employs sterilization and abortion to commit genocide against a minority group. The fact that the UNFPA continues to do so is more than enough reason for the United States to halt all contributions.

China is the world’s foremost perpetrator of coerced abortions and sterilizations.

Its notorious “One Child Policy,” which lasted from 1979–2015, was responsible for preventing more than 400 million births, according to Chinese state media.

Forced abortions and subsequent sterilizations were central to the program.

the bill blocks taxpayer funds from being used to fund communist china s agenda © press
The bill blocks taxpayer funds from being used to fund Communist China's agenda

According to The Daily Wire, the legislation has been met with support from more than 30 other members of Congress, as well as from Heritage Action, Family Research Council Action, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Students for Life Action, Texas Values, Texas Right to Life, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"The current administration plans to restart funding UNFPA despite the organization’s consistent support for China’s brutal child policy and the lack of evidence that UNFPA has changed course,” said Thomas McClusky, who is president of March for Life Action.

"We, therefore, urge you to support the legislation sponsored by Representative Chip Roy to remove taxpayer funding of UNFPA.

"The United States should support human rights, not fund international groups complicit in their violation."

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