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Democrats Complain Chauvin's Conviction Is Not Enough: 'This Is Not Justice'

Far-left Dems blast guilty verdict: 'Justice would be George Floyd alive today'

 on 21st April 2021 @ 3.00pm
aoc says chauvin s guilty verdict is  not justice  because    systemic institutional racism    continues © press
AOC says Chauvin's guilty verdict is 'not justice' because ‘systemic institutional racism’ continues

Far-left members of the Democratic Party have blasted the conviction of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd's murder, arguing that the guilty verdict is "not justice."

In response to the guilty verdicts rendered on Tuesday afternoon against former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin for second- and third-degree murder along with second-degree manslaughter in Floyd's death, several radical lawmakers remarked that the court's ruling doesn't go far enough.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) slammed the jury's decision to convict Chauvin on all three counts, claiming that "this is not justice."

Ocasio-Cortez published her response in an Instagram video.

AOC argues that the trial didn't provide justice because the court didn't bring Floyd back to life.

"This verdict is not justice!" she declared.

far left rep  ilhan omar echoed aoc s comments © press
Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar echoed AOC's comments

Beginning her remarks by filming herself remove a mask from her face, AOC said:

"It’s not justice.

"I’ll explain to you why it’s not justice.

"It’s not justice because justice is George Floyd going home tonight to be with his family.

"Justice is Adam Toledo getting tucked in by his mom tonight.

"Justice is when you’re pulled over, there not being a gun that’s part of that interaction because you have a headlight out.

"Justice is your school system not having or being part of a school-to-prison pipeline.

"Justice is a municipality and a government that does not — because it trickles down right? — that does not value military and armaments more than it healthcare, and education, and housing.

"So, no, this verdict is not justice!

"Frankly, I don’t even think we call it full accountability, because there are multiple officers that were there.

"It wasn’t just Derek Chauvin.

"And I also don’t want this moment to be framed as this system working, because it’s not working."

“This is not about cameras, and retraining, and chokeholds,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

"This is about changing how we structure our society and the valuing of black life.

“I don’t feel resolved today.”


rep  rashida tlaib blasted the verdict for not satisfying  the fight for justice © press
Rep. Rashida Tlaib blasted the verdict for not satisfying 'the fight for justice'

Barack Obama former First Lady Michelle Obama also issued a statement following the jury’s verdict on Tuesday calling it a "necessary step" but suggesting it is not a sufficient one.

"In this case, at least, we have our answer," the Obamas said.

"But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that true justice is about much more than a single verdict in a single trial.

"True justice requires that we come to terms with the fact that black Americans are treated differently, every day.

"It requires us to recognize that millions of our friends, family, and fellow citizens live in fear that their next encounter with law enforcement could be their last."

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that the verdict delivered "accountability for Derek Chauvin, but not justice for George Floyd."

"Real justice for him and too many others can only happen when we build a nation that fundamentally respects the human dignity of every person," Sanders said in a statement.

"Our struggle now is about justice—not justice on paper, but real justice in which all Americans live their lives free of oppression.

"We must boldly root out the cancer of systemic racism and police violence against people of color."

Black Lives Matter activist-turned-congresswoman Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) also said that justice would mean Floyd was alive today.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) urged Americans not to forget that Floyd was killed at the hands of the police.

Similar comments were made by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Chauvin was charged with second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd's death.

He was found guilty on all three counts.

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