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Rep Cawthorn Introduces Bill to Declare Border Wall a National Monument & Protect It

'Donument Act' creates 'Southern Border Wall National Monument'

 on 15th April 2021 @ 12.00am
rep  madison cawthorn  r nc  introduced a bill to protect trump s border wall © press
Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) introduced a bill to protect Trump's border wall

Freshman GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has introduced a bill to protect President Donald Trump's border wall by declaring it a national monument.

The Republican congressman's legislation, named the "Donument Act" in honor of Trump, will establish the "Southern Border Wall National Monument."

By declaring the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border a national monument, the bill will thereby give the wall "permanent protection from alteration," according to a press release from Cawthorn's office.

"The national monument would consist of 289,920 acres of land in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas," and "the secretary of interior would be in charge of administration of the monument," the Charlotte Observer reported.

"For four years President Trump worked to secure the southern border of the United States by constructing a wall in places where there was little to no fencing," Cawthorn said in a statement.

"President Trump was able to build 455 miles of wall by the time he left office and had funds allocated for further construction."

the  donument act  seeks to protect trump s border wall by declaring it a national monument © press
The 'Donument Act' seeks to protect Trump's border wall by declaring it a national monument

"A secure southern border was no longer simply a dream, it was a tangible reality," Cawthorn continued.

"Sadly this reality is fast disappearing," he warned.

"Immediately after gaining office, Biden issued a slew of Executive Orders, one of which directed a pause in planned wall construction and a reallocation of funds obligated for that purpose.

"Following Biden's decision to place partisan politics over the security of the American people, illegal immigration, and drug trafficking rates skyrocketed.

"It's time to put the safety and wellbeing of Americans first," Cawthorn declared.

"I will make every effort to protect and secure the southern border, and advance an America first agenda.

"If Biden refuses to finish the wall, you can be sure that American patriots will do everything in their power to protect it."

Approximately 450 miles of the wall was built under the Trump administration, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Although the bill is unlikely to be passed by the Democratic-controlled House, it could serve to rouse the support of the many Republicans in Congress who remain staunchly loyal to Trump and provide a basis for Republican attacks against the Biden administration's immigration policy.

Since Biden entered the White House, Customs and Border Protection data has revealed that the number of encounters with migrants along the southwest border has skyrocketed.

According to a report, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas recently told Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the Biden administration already is considering continuing construction on Trump's border wall to fill in “gaps” through which many are succeeding in crossing the border illegally.

Cawthorn, a first-term Republican from the 11th Congressional District in western North Carolina and the youngest member in the House at age 25, is a conservative firebrand and a staunch supporter of Trump, according to WND.

Prior to the Capitol incursion, Cawthorn spoke at the rally held by Trump in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 to protest the results of the election.

Cawthorn was immediately attacked by the establishment media for speaking at the rally, and the negative attention has only continued, resulting in several candidates already rising up to challenge his congressional seat in the 2022 election.

However, Cawthorn has also succeeded in raising more than $1 million for his re-election campaign in the first three months of 2021, according to The Mountaineer in Waynesville.

then congressional candidate madison cawthorn gave a powerful pro trump speech at last year s rnc event © press
Then-congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn gave a powerful pro-Trump speech at last year's RNC event

Western Carolina University political science professor Chris Cooper told The Mountaineer that raising that much money this early in the campaign is unprecedented.

“It means that he is as high profile as a member of Congress can get,” Cooper said.

“To raise a million without formally announcing he’s running again is extraordinary.”

Cawthorn previously introduced a bill in the House to revoke three executive actions by the Biden administration on immigration and border policy that had overturned some of Trump's executive actions.

"Joe Biden’s open borders initiatives will wreak havoc on the national economy, and severely undermine rural communities," Cawthorn's office said in a statement regarding the bill, WLOS-TV reported.

"NC-11 suffers when the interests of illegal immigrants are placed above the interests of American citizens.

"Rep. Cawthorn pledges to work to end the Biden Administration’s policy of 'Americans last, immigrants first'."

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